What makes Le Moyne special?

Maybe you’ve known exactly what you want to do with your life since your first day of preschool. Or maybe you’re eager to discover what the world has to offer before deciding what to study. Either way, Le Moyne is a great place to explore your passions and set a course toward fulfilling them.

In small classes, you’ll encounter new ideas, new perspectives and new fields to study. You’ll work closely with faculty members who know not only your name, but also your interests. You’ll ask questions, express your opinions and take part in spirited debates. A Le Moyne education provides students with the intellectual skills necessary to succeed in the world and, beyond that, the will to use their abilities to promote a more just society.

But a Le Moyne education goes far beyond textbooks and class discussions. In and out of the classroom, Le Moyne students embrace the real world in all its glory. Through study abroad opportunities,  service learning projects and internships, you’ll experience a variety of perspectives, cultures and careers. You’ll test your skills and interests against the day-to-day reality of a job. And you’ll maximize your potential to make the most in the world.

Le Moyne also invites you to stretch your horizons and develop your interests by participating in a range of activities. You’ll connect with some students who will share your values and others who will teach you to look at things in another way.

In short, at Le Moyne, you’ll learn and experience things that just might change your life.