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    Current Study Abroad Program Options

    Students are able to study abroad in the country that best suits their academic interests. For those interested in studying in countries in which Le Moyne has exchange programs (England, Scotland, Czech Republic, and the Dominican Republic), they must apply to a Le Moyne exchange, provided it offers the student's major. If space is not available in Le Moyne's program, the student may apply to non-Le Moyne programs once approved by the department chair of the student's major and Global Education.

    Approval is first given based on the number of spaces available with Le Moyne’s exchange programs. Additionally, if funding is available, students may be approved to study through a non-Le Moyne Program. Students choosing not to study in a country in which Le Moyne has an exchange may utilize any program that they receive approval from the department chair of their major and Global Education. Students considering non-Le Moyne programs should make sure that the institution is accredited, meaning that a US or foreign accrediting body has formally classified the school's course work to be college-level and that the student will receive an official US transcript. We strongly recommend that all students seek feedback from former participants to ascertain the quality of the study abroad site.