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    “True education enables us to love life and opens us to the fullness of life.” - Pope Francis

    Manresa Program

    Integrating Learning, Meaning, Calling and Career

    With generous support from the Lilly Endowment and the McDevitt Center, this program of personal and professional development is intentionally designed to help you make the most of your college experience while discovering your deepest aspirations and preparing for a rewarding career and a life of meaningful success. 

    How to become a Manresa Fellow

    Incoming Freshmen invited to join the Manresa Program may confirm their interest by entering their name and contact information here.

    About Manresa at Le Moyne
    The Le Moyne College Campus

    During your time at Le Moyne, the Manresa Program will help you develop the critical understanding, values and purpose that will serve as the foundation of your career - and your life. Building upon the lessons you learn in and out of the classroom, the Manresa Program leads you on a journey of personal, professional, and spiritual growth while preparing you for success in a rapidly changing world.

    The Manresa Program will feature a number of elements, including four one-semester Manresa seminars for undergraduates, Core and disciplinary courses related to personal and professional development, co-curricular experiences (such as internships, service learning and community engagement), as well as many special programs and events.

    Rooted in the deepest principles of Ignatian education, the Manresa Program is developmental - beginning with a focus on richer self-discovery and values clarification and moving toward a greater emphasis on professional development and career readiness.

    Ignatius Loyola

    Discover who you are - your core strengths, distinctive talents and deepest passions - and who you can become - the career and life paths that best fulfull your unique potential.

    Le Moyne President Linda LeMura meets with students

    Internships, mentors, job shadowing, service learning and more will help you get connected and put what you are discovering into practice.

    Students at Le Moyne

    Use an education that is inspirational, forward-thinking and timeless to change not only your life, but the lives of all those you touch.

    Le Moyne College Commencement

    Learn to think of success a little differently. It’s not just an outcome. It’s a way of living, the tireless pursuit of the best possible version of you.