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    Integrated Marketing Communications

    In building their brands, organizations must consistently communicate their message across multiple channels, selecting these channels strategically as marketing budgets become restrictive. Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) teaches students how to develop an effective communication strategy and select communications channels based on research and data. Successful IMC campaigns result in long-term relationships with customers and demonstrate the value of the marketing investment.

    There is a growing need for marketing communications managers in organizations. The marketing communications manager controls all communications either directly or through reporting relationships. In addition to the marketing pieces the company creates to inform the public about its products, public relations materials and other information the company produces are a function of integrated marketing
    communication. The marketing communications manager makes sure that the image the company projects in the marketplace is consistent and positive. 

    As a student in the Integrated Marketing Communication Certificate Program, you will learn to use research and data to interact with your organization’s audience to establish successful relationships with customers and maximize sales and profits. This 18-credit program is divided into three areas: data analysis, technical skills, and strategic thinking.


    These courses must have been completed with a grade of C- or better prior to starting the program. 

    • STA 201 - Statistics 1
    • MKT 301 - Principles of Marketing


    Data Analysis and Measurement
    (Both required)
    MKT 401 – Marketing Research
    ANL 301 – Business Analytics

    Technical Skills (Choose Two)

    CMM 308 – Media Layout and Design
    CMM 378 – Creative Advertising
    MKT 335 – Client Side Web Application Development
    (Prerequisite: MIS 201 or permission of the instructor)
    CMM 205 – Introduction to Video Production

    Strategic Thinking (choose two)
    MKT 402 – Marketing Strategy
    CMM 476 – Advertising Issues and Practices
    CMM 477 – Advanced Public Relations
    MKT 406 – Nonprofit Marketing
    MKT 430 – Consumer Behavior
    MKT 435 – Green Marketing

    Download the brochure and application here


    Apply Today This 18-credit program is divided into three areas: data analysis, technical skills, and strategic thinking. Download Application