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Certificate of Accountancy


The field of accounting is experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand both locally and nationally. The New York State Department of Labor's Regional Labor Report 2010-2020 states that employment prospects in this field are “very favorable,” with an average of 90 job openings per year in Central New York. Beyond that, the report indicates that employment prospects for accountants statewide are also very favorable, with 3,570 job openings expected annually. Public accounting firms require accounting graduates to staff their auditing, taxation and consulting departments. Large and small organizations, both for profit and nonprofit, across a variety of industries, require accounting staff for internal and external reporting and financial analysis.

DOWNLOAD APPLICATION The Certificate in Accountancy offered at Le Moyne College prepares students to enter or expand their professional opportunities in this growing field by providing them with 29 credit hours of accounting coursework at the undergraduate level. Applicants must have taken the equivalent of financial and managerial accounting, or six credits of introductory accounting, prior to acceptance into the certificate program. Once they have successfully completed the certificate program courses, graduates will be able to market themselves for entry-level accounting positions in the private sector. Some may choose to apply to the New York State Office of Professions to take the examination for licensure as a Certified Public Accountant. (Visit for more information.)


The following coursework must have been completed within three years prior to beginning the program:

§  ACT 201 Introductory Accounting or

§  ACT 203 Financial Accounting

§  ACT 202 Introductory Accounting II or

§  ACT 204 Managerial Accounting

Refresher courses are routinely offered at Le Moyne College for those individuals who took the prerequisite classes more than three years ago.


The courses:

§  ACT 301 Intermediate Accounting I

§  ACT 302 Intermediate Accounting II

§  ACT 303 Cost Accounting

§  ACT 310 Federal Income Tax

§  ACT 401 Advanced Accounting

§  ACT 405 Auditing

§  ACT 406 Advanced Auditing

§  ACT 470 Accounting Theory and Research

One of the following electives:

§  ACT 304 Advanced Cost Accounting

§  ACT 350 Accounting Information Systems

§  ACT 410 Corporate Taxation

§  ACT 420 Other Taxable Entities and Tax Procedures

§  ACT 430 Government Contract Accounting

§  ACT 435 Introduction to Government Systems

§  ACT 481-489 Special Topics in Accounting

§  *ACT 704 Strategic Cost Management

§  *ACT 790-795 Special Topics in Accounting


All courses (29 credit hours) will be offered in the evenings and on weekends in order to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals, and will be arranged to be completed in a two-year period of time. Classes will either be held on the Le Moyne campus or in a hybrid (part online, part in-person) format. Current part-time rates will apply for tuition. Le Moyne College alumni will benefit from the reduced rate of $500 per credit hour for accounting courses in the certificate program.


This certificate program is ideal for individuals who are interested in careers in private accounting or certified public accounting. It is designed for people who hold an undergraduate degree in business. It is also appropriate for individuals with undergraduate degrees in other disciplines who are interested in pursuing a Masters of Business Administration.
Courses in this series offer an in-depth exploration of specific issues within the field of accounting, as well as topics of current interest to students and instructors.