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Health Care Leadership

Graduate Level Certificate

Health Care Leadership Graduate Level Certificate Program

The Evolution of Healthcare

Health care is one of the fastest-growing segments of our economy and it demands adapting to changing social forces just as rapidly. Revolutions in patient profiles, governance and finance require leaders in health care who are capable of managing multiple variables, championing change and cultivating efficient operations.

Health care managers must be leaders who are well-informed, collaborative and flexible. Le Moyne College’s certificate program in leadership in health care provides students with the opportunity to explore contemporary health care within the context of excellence in leadership and to develop the skills necessary to move health care, patient satisfaction and human resources forward through the 21st century.

Courses & Requirements

Five classes are required to complete the certificate program. Through their coursework, students will analyze current issues and challenges in the health care field and develop the skills necessary to anticipate and address future challenges facing health care operations and patient care. They will be introduced to the business and social forces shaping the need for creative and revolutionary approaches to health care.

Coursework will address issues such as management, cultivating leadership skills, ethics and legal issues in health care. The intent is to create a community of colleagues involved in learning and practice who will develop their capacity to be leaders in the health care field. This academic environment serves as a gathering place for professionals to share practices and challenges.

Courses are offered in a variety of formats from traditional on-campus delivery in the evenings to a blended format combining campus-based instruction and distance learning via Blackboard.

Who Should Enroll?

This certificate will enhance the knowledge and skills of those individuals who want to make a difference in the future of health care. Human resources professionals, middle managers, top leaders, administrative support professionals and anyone else interested in the field are all strong candidates.

Because this is a graduate-level certificate, students must show evidence of an earned bachelor's degree. Any two certificate courses may count as electives towards the Le Moyne College MBA.

How to Enroll in the Certificate Program

Students must complete an application before registering for their first course in this certificate program. Click on the link below and print out the application.

Application for Certificate

Students must register through the MBA Program Office located in the Madden School of Business. For more information and to register call (315) 445-4786.

Courses Include:

Chaos in Healthcare: Directing the Evolution

An overview of the interconnectedness of the health care system in America. Business and social forces that are shaping the need for creative and revolutionary approaches to health care will be explored.

The Process of Healthcare: Patient-Centered Management

A survey of the unique systematic directives and outcomes within the process of health care delivery. Students will explore focus, alignment, expectations, evaluation and incentives which lead to optimum patient care.

The Strategic and Creative Leader 

Exploration of the practices of exceptional leaders in the health care field. The course guides the students to discover, explore and assess issues in their field and to recognize opportunities that will continue to maximize their strengths as health care leaders.

The Business of Healthcare: Connecting the Dots

A look at ethical principles, sound personal company values, and socially responsible management practices in the interests of responsible and feasible health care delivery. Based on these premises, students build a business model for the health care organization

Making Leadership Contagious

The Situational Leadership® model will be used to guide students through a study of their own leadership strengths and opportunities with a special focus on developing others within the context of the dynamic health care environment.


Courses are taught by health care managers and leaders in the community who bring real-life experiences and examples of challenges facing them and their organizations today. Faculty includes a chief quality officer at a local hospital, physician, human resources professional, medical management company chief executive officer, and medical center director. Instruction also includes guest speakers who offer pragmatic insights and solutions to current challenges.

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