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    Quantitative Reasoning Center

    Quantitative reasoning is the analysis of real-world data, using mathematical tools and
    critical thinking to solve problems drawn from a variety of disciplines.
    Since the analysis of real-world problems is an integral part of a Jesuit, liberal arts
    education, Le Moyne’s Quantitative Reasoning Center provides a dynamic environment
    that empowers students, faculty, and community members to deepen their
    understanding of quantitative reasoning and supports its use in a wide range of

    The Quantitative Reasoning Center strives to:
    • advance student learning by providing resources that address diverse learning
    styles and needs;
    • foster collaboration and communication, by providing a learning environment that
    encourages individuals to work together to apply their knowledge of quantitative
    • support both faculty and student educators, by promoting research based
    pedagogical methods that enhance quantitative learning; and,
    • extend the Jesuit mission of service, by maintaining ongoing dialogue with area
    partners to understand and support the quantitative needs of the community.

    The QRC Pop Up Clinics are opportunities for students to get help in their courses from
    QRC Clinic Leaders. Clinic leaders are recommended by faculty and attend tutor
    training at the beginning of the semester. If you need help in any of the courses listed
    consider popping into a clinic at any point and working with one of the fantastic clinic

    Pop in to a Pop Up

    Calculus Clinics for students taking MTH 145, 146, or 245
    Sunday 4-6 pm in RH 438
    Monday 6-8 pm in RH 439

    Chemistry Clinics for students taking CHM 101 or 152
    Sunday 4-6 pm in RH 340
    Tuesday 5-7 pm in GH 203

    Computer Science Clinics in SC 242
    Tuesday and Thursday...
    ...For students taking 176 and 181 from 6-7:30
    ...For students taking 170 and 176 from 6:30-8

    Statistics Clinic for students taking MTH 110, 111, and 112
    Sunday 5-7 pm RH 439
    Monday 4-6 pm RH 343
    Wednesday 6-8 pm RH 439

    Physics Clinic in SC 134
    Sundays 5-6:30 pm
    Mondays 7-8:30 pm
    Tuesdays 7-9 pm
    Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm
    Thursdays 5-6:30 pm

    *Clinics offer another option to students in these specific courses in addition to the
    tutoring that is offered in the library. To schedule an appointment with a tutor one-on-
    one please schedule an appointment using the Tutoring @ Le Moyne site.

    Creating a Home within the QRC See how one student created an environment for students to come together, ask questions and learn from each other in a clinic sponsored by the QRC. Learn more

    QRC Funding Le Moyne Quantitative Reasoning Center Receives $1.2 Million in State REDC Money Press Release