Kalfani Nyerere Ture

Kalfani Nyerere Ture

Visiting Assistant Professor

Reilly Hall 414
Le Moyne College
1419 Salt Springs Road
Syracuse, NY 13214


(315) 445-5462


K. Nyerere Ture (Ph.D. Candidate 2015 in Anthropology at American University; M.A. 2004 in Applied Anthropology at Georgia State University; B.A. 1999 Criminal Justice & African American Studies at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey) has conducted research in the areas of policing and urban crime, public housing, urban redevelopment and structural inequality.

As a former police officer and building on his undergraduate and master level graduate research focus that explored the relationship between community crime and urban development, Ture's dissertation research examines the lived experiences of African American public housing residents in the throws of an urban renewal project that examples the continued perpetuation of structural violence against marginal communities of color. In addition, this research explores how crime is produced through urban renewal and public housing policies. The particular site of Ture’s doctoral research is one of the most historical African American neighborhoods within Washington, DC and the largest and currently the most ill-reputed public housing community in the nation’s capital. This public housing community is called Barry Farm Public Dwellings by city officials and outsiders, but referred to locally as the “Farms.” The Farms is located east of the Anacostia River (EoR) - a river that forms an expansive separation between the majority African American community within the District of Columbia and from its main land. Ture's next research agenda will be to advance his research focus and comparative analysis on public housing, crime and urban uprisings in Baltimore, MD (USA) and Toronto, Canada.

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