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Joshua Canale

Joshua Canale

Visiting Assistant Professor

Reilly Hall 403
Le Moyne College
1419 Salt Springs Road
Syracuse, NY 13214


(315) 445-4471


Ph.D., Binghamton University (2014)

At a young age, I loved learning stories about the America Revolution, yet I soon realized there was more to the narrative. While as an undergraduate at Le Moyne College, the guidance I received transformed me. I became interested in telling stories that had not yet been heard and giving voices to those who had been forgotten.

My dissertation, “American Dictators: Committees for Public Safety during the American Revolution, 1775-1784,” examines a forgotten period when coercive and controversial executive bodies led fledgling state governments. Facing internal dissent, patriots created committees for public safety to administer the Revolution and establish order. To ensure the Revolution’s success, these institutions executed law and policed Americans’ allegiance to induce conformity. To monitor the population, committees stifled free speech and the press, interrogated the suspicious, extended oaths, summoned and apprehended the accused, and confined alleged enemies without a trial. Committees for public safety argued that during a time of upheaval public welfare superseded individual liberties, even though they trampled Americans’ rights.

Although an Early Americanist, my teaching and research areas are extensive. I hold minor fields in Comparative Race and Slavery between the U.S. and Latin America and U.S. Labor History. I have taught courses in both Early and Modern American history as well as World History. I also teach a First-Year Seminar entitled Pow! Bam! Zap! Modern American History through Comic Books. Aside from turning my dissertation into a book manuscript, I am developing two comparative courses. The first course examines rebellions and revolutions in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the second class investigates conceptualizations of race and slavery. I have also taught a hybrid course in China and it is my hope to continue digitally linking students across the world.

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