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    Summer Scholar Course Descriptions



    ANT 101 – Introduction to Anthropology (3 credits)

    This course introduces students to the basic concepts, theories and methodologies in anthropology by focusing on the classic four fields of the discipline: physical anthropology, archaeology, linguistics and cultural anthropology. This course focuses on the evolution of the human species and theories of early culture, the reconstruction of the past through archaeological analysis, the structure and usage of language as part of culture, and the description and analysis of societies and cultures utilizing comparative theories and methodologies in cultural anthropology. No prerequisite. Fulfills Core requirement(s): DIV..


    ART 235 – Watercolor Painting (3 credits)

    A studio course exploring traditional and nontraditional use of watercolor in compositional form. Subject matter may include still life, landscape, and the human figure. No painting or drawing experience necessary. There is a lab fee associated with this course. Fulfills Core Requirement(s): Visual and Performing Arts (VPA).

    ART 243 – Color Photography (3 credits)

    A studio course in which the creative aspects of color digital photography are explored. Shooting assignments are structured to explore both the visual and emotional aspects of color and to develop a personal approach to color image making. Students will have the opportunity to sign out digital SLR cameras for shooting assignments. No prerequisites. A compact digital camera or digital SLR camera is required. Fulfills Core: VPA. Note: There is a lab fee associated with this course.


    BUS 150- Globalization in a World of Differences (3 credits)

    The course provides an overview of the process underlying globalization, its impact on different nations, and the role technology, national policies, and corporate strategies play in a world of increasing interdependencies and coverage. Local customs and identities, however, continue to thrive. These are studied with special attention paid to certain regions, thus grappling with the paradox of simultaneous globalization and localization. Case studies, role-plays and guest speakers help cast light on the breathtaking diversity in the "global village". Fulfills Core Requirement(s): DIV (Diversity) and CE (Cultural Elective).


    CHM 151 - Chemical Principles I  (3 credits)

    An integrated approach to many of the major concepts of chemistry with approximately equal emphasis on general descriptive chemistry and introduction to theoretical chemistry. Topics include atomic and molecular theory, periodic properties, chemical equations and stoichiometry. CHM 151 and CHM 151L are to be taken concurrently, except by permission of the department chair. Prerequisite: High school chemistry or permission of the department chair.


    CJS 100/PSC 100- Contemp. Issues in Amer. Politics (3 credits)

    A study of several important issues in contemporary American society and of the manner in which they are being handled by our political system. Among the issues covered are: the energy crisis, nuclear energy, toxic wastes, inflation, recession, government spending, crime, military spending, the arms race and the new religious right. This course does not fulfill requirements for a major in political science; it will carry credit toward a minor.


    CMM 201-  Fundamentals of Speech (3 credits)

    Essentials of voice production, oral interpretation, speech organization and use of supporting materials; preparation and delivery of speech materials; group and panel discussion. Corequisite WRT 101


    ECO 113- Principles of Microeconomics  (3 credits) 

    In this course the student pursues general understanding of the methodology used in economics. Topics studied emphasize models of behavior of consumers and producers as individual participants in the economic system. No prerequisites.

    ECO 114 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 credits)

    The course focuses on using economics methodology in the study of macroeconomic principles. Important topics for consideration include derivation of the GNP and the impact of fiscal and monetary policy on output, employment and the price level. No prerequisites.


    ITL 102- Elementary Italian II (3 credits)

    This course is designed for those students who are beginning the study of Italian. This course includes the essentials of grammar, vocabulary building and composition, together with the reading of easy selections in prose and verse. Classroom audio-lingual practice can be supplemented by audio-taped material in Media Services, located in the library.

    ITL 104- Intermediate Italian II (3 credits)

    After a rapid review of the essentials of grammar, students are introduced to an appreciation of the various forms of literary expression in prose and verse. Classroom audio-lingual practice can be supplemented by audio-taped material in Media Services, located in the library. Prerequisite: ITL 102 or two or three years of high-school Italian.


    MUS 121- Musical Theatre History (3 credits) Students will study the development of musical theatre, ranging from the dramas of ancient Greece to the megamusicals of today. Students will also study the theatrical review, utilizing this knowledge to critique filmed and live performances. Along the way, students will recognize the link between the development of the musical and societal trends and events. Fulfills Core visual and performing arts requirement. (VPA)


    PSY 101 - Introductory Psychology (3 credits) A one semester broad overview of contemporary psychology-its diverse approaches to the understanding of behavior and the basic principles and research findings associated with each of these approaches. Specific areas of psychological inquiry discussed include physiological, cognitive and social psychology; learning, sensation and perception; emotion and motivation; personality and psychopathology. This course is a prerequisite for most psychology courses.



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