WIN $100.00
The Library would like a new Library T-shirt design that would help inspire greater library usage through stronger identification with the Library.
Like other organizations that use a unique design to help customers be more aware of and identify with the products or services an organization provides, a unique design would assist our library with marketing.
As a result, all Le Moyne College students are encouraged to participate in a contest to help create a meaningful design that would promote Library usage and draw attention to its products and services.
Send an e-mail message to the Assistant to the Director of the Library at cookrl@lemoyne.edu no later than Monday, April 2, 2012, and include the following:
-         JPEG file attachment of your suggested design, including slogan, T-shirt color(s), and font color and style.
NOTE: The Library logo including the Noreen Reale Falcone Library, Le Moyne College wording  must be included as part of your design (see sample below). Also below is a sample of the current Library T-shirt design with the logo on the left sleeve. The design you submit may place the logo with wording elsewhere on the T-shirt. Note: it is agreed that the next T-shirt style will NOT have banded sleeves like the current Library T-shirt but, instead, will have a regular T-shirt sleeve style.
-         Brief explanation about why you created the design, slogan and styles.
-        Your name(s) and contact information. If this is a group effort, the prize will be divided equally among the members of the submitting group listed in your e-mail message. If duplicate designs are received, and that design is selected, then the winner(s) will be the first to have submitted the design. If the selection committee selects items from several submissions to be incorporated into one T-shirt design, then the prize will be divided equally among the members that submitted the various items selected.
The selection committee will then review and discuss the design submissions, and will then vote to select a design no later than Monday, April 9, 2012.
Thank you.





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