Senior Audit Waiver Form

I choose to waive my right to a senior audit with the Registrar's Office.  In order to graduate I must complete an Application for Degree and complete the following requirements.

  • Minimum 120 credit hours (some programs require more)
  • Minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Complete 1/2 of the major at Le Moyne and receive a minimum 2.0 major GPA
  • Complete at least one core course in residency in each of 4 disciplines of the core: English, History, Philosophy and Religion
  • Complete a minimum of 30 credit hours at Le Moyne
  • Obtain a passing grade in all courses and complete all degree requirements
  • If you are completing a minor you must complete a minor declaration form, complete at least 1/2 of the requirements at Le Moyne and earn at least a 2.0 GPA in all minor courses
  • To earn degree honors: Final cumulative GPA must be at least a 3.5 and you must earn a minimum of 60 credits in Le Moyne College course work


By submitting this form I have read and understand the above requirements. I acknowledge if I do not meet the above requirements, I will not be eligible for graduation.

This form must be filed with the Registrar's Office by the Senior Audit deadline.

* Required