Communication & Film Studies

As of Fall 2014, we are adapting our course of study within the Communication & Film Studies Department to provide you with a multi-faceted foundation in media ideas and skills, plus the flexibility to sharpen or enlarge your curricular focus as you choose. Here are the different parts of what you’ll take as a major in this department.

The Nucleus
Your study in the Communication & Film Studies Department will be built around what we call a “nucleus” of nine courses. These are designed to assure that you gain a fundamental understanding of the many areas of the professional media; that you get introduced to the theoretical and ethical aspects of the mass media; and that you learn to communicate through the written word, the spoken word, and the visual image.

Here is that nucleus:

  • Fundamentals of Speech
  • Introduction to Video Production
  • Introduction to Film Studies
  • Mass Media & Society
  • Reporting & Writing
  • Communication Ethics
  • Introduction to Public Relations or Introduction to Advertising
  • Critical Perspectives on Literature
  • One literature survey

The Electives within the Major
Beyond the nucleus, you’ll take six electives within the department. You'll have plenty of space in which to focus intensely on a particular area of study, or to explore all the different areas we offer. For instance, if you want to learn a great deal about Public Relations, you could use several of your elective slots to take courses like Advanced Public Relations, Media Layout & Design, and Convergence (a course in which you could do a multimedia PR project). If writing or journalism is your love, you can take courses in Literary Journalism, Reporting Syracuse, and Writing about Popular Culture. You’ll have the same range of choices if you’re interested in studying film or TV/radio broadcasting or advertising.

Alternatively, you could use your six Communication electives to sample widely. This is a good way to find out where your interests and greatest talents lie. It’s easy to design a program that would make you prepared for the multi-dimensional and ever-evolving media world.

The Free Electives
For eight of your courses, you can choose any classes offered on campus. These are called “free electives,” because there is no limitation on what you can study. If you’re intrigued by an English course like “Women as Art/Women as Artists,” you can take it. If you decide that you simply must take a Music course called “This History of Rock and Roll,” you can grab it. Free electives are meant to contribute to the liberal arts education to which Le Moyne is committed.

Communication & Film Studies majors use some of their free electives to complete a minor.

The Minor
Each Communication & Film Studies major must complete a minor from a different department or program on campus. There are many to choose from. Some of our majors go the practical route. A person who wants to work for a music studio, for instance, might minor in Arts Administration or marketing. Someone who plans to go into advertising might minor in psychology (it’s good for advertisers to know how the mind works!) or creative writing. Other majors choose a minor based more on their intellectual curiosities. We have majors whose passion for language and literature leads them to a minor in English. We have others who choose a minor in Philosophy or Religion or Peace and Global Studies, because those topics excite them.

Most of our majors do at least one internship during their time at Le Moyne. An internship is not a requirement, but it’s a very smart choice. In fact, many of our graduates have said that an internship was the single most valuable thing they did as Communication & Film Studies majors. Our students have interned at local non-profits (The Red Cross, American Cancer Society), local and national advertising and PR firms (Eric Mower & Associates, Ogilvy Public Relations), and local and national media outlets (WSTM-TV, CBS, ESPN). Click on the “Internships” page to learn more.

Minor in Communication & Film Studies
If you’re majoring in another department but want to earn a minor in Communication & Film Studies, you can do so by taking 15 credit hours of Communication courses. You may choose any courses for which you've fulfilled the prerequisites.

If you have any questions about our classes or overall curriculum, don’t hesitate to call or email the chair of the department, Prof. Dan Roche, at 315-445-5470 or rochedm@lemoyne.edu.



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