Michael Masingale

When Michael Masingale stands at the head of a class, he has a goal that may seem simple, but in reality is incredibly ambitious.

He wants every student in the room to leave saying, “I’ve learned something.” It may be something that is novel; something they never thought of before that class; or something that gives them a different point of view.

For Masingale the idea is for them to take away a piece of their classroom experience that they can use to better their communities once they graduate from Le Moyne. It’s not surprising that Masingale lives his own life by the credo that, to the extent that God’s grace transforms and sustains him, he will seek to serve others.

Teaching is a passion for Masingale. In a sense, it’s also the family business.

His mother was a teacher, and his father was a teacher and a chemist who years ago took his son into his lab to show him his work – and perhaps even setting him on his path.

Today Michael Masingale is mentoring a new generation of students.

He has been at Le Moyne since 1984, and teaches courses in chemical principles, inorganic chemistry, and analytical chemistry and instrumental analysis, as well as a physical chemistry laboratory.

In 1996 he was honored as the Rev. Msgr. Robert A. Casey Teacher of the Year; in 1997 he was made an honorary member of Alpha Sigma Nu, a Jesuit honor society; and in 2006 he was presented with the Mateo Ricci Award.

Masingale previously taught at Onondaga Community College.  He earned a doctoral degree in inorganic chemistry from Syracuse University and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Morehouse College.

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