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The Le Moyne Student Programming Board is a standing committee of the Student Senate and is responsible for providing a variety of social and cultural activities for Le Moyne students.  LSPB plans, schedules, and coordinates a variety of educational, social, and multi-cultural events for the Le Moyne College community, including concerts, films, club nights and special events.  Our regular event nights are Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. 

We are a combination of class representatives as well as specially-appointed chairs. Led by co-chairs, an executive board (co-chair, secretary, comptroller, publicity), and a 30 member board that meets once a week to plan and evaluate programs. All meetings are open to Le Moyne students. Meetings are usually held Mondays at 9:00pm.

For more information, please contact Claire, Paul or Beth! 

Co-Chairs: Claire Woodburn- woobucr@lemoyne.edu & Paul Rich- richpj@lemoyne.edu 

Moderator: Beth Griffith, Area Director- griffbej@lemoyne.edu

For more information on events please vist Campus Groups!


Stall Street Journal

The Stall Street Journal (SSJ) is a weekly publication produced by the office of Campus Life & Leadership and LSPB.  Issues are produced each Tuesday and can be found in the Academic and Residence Halls on-campus. To submit an article or advertisement for the SSJ, please click below:

Stall Street Journal Submission

Important Information:

  • This publication is for Le Moyne College clubs and offices only. Outside organizations or events will not be publicized in the SSJ. 
  • Submissions must be made two weeks prior to the event date or deadline. If you are submitting an event advertisement, please confirm all details regarding the event with the office of Event Mangement.
  • Submitting an event does not gaurentee the event will be advertised. 
  • Submissions of event advertisement JPEGS are encouraged. 

For more information regarding the SSJ please contact our Student Editor, Catherine Root at rootca@lemoyne.edu or Beth Griffith at griffbej@lemoyne.edu


LMC Organization Co-Sponsorship 

LSPB is happy to financially assist Le Moyne College clubs and organizations with events and programs on-campus.  Please complete the LSPB Co-Sponsorship form and email or return to LSPB Comptroller, Gabrielle Liguori at liguorgm@lemoyne.edu. 

LSPB Co-Sponsorship Form


Save the Date

Fall Fest and Concert- October 3 & 4, 2014 

Halloween Dance- October 31, 2014

100 Nights to Graduation Dance (Seniors Only)- February 7, 2015

Snow Ball Dance- February 2015


Fall Fest 2014

Friday, October 3- Saturday, October 4

Easton Corbin Concert- 

Purchase tickets- www.lemoyne.edu/concert