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Pick a Major

What Can I Do With a Major In...?
Le Moyne College - Office of Career Advising and Development  "What can I do with a Major in..." pages.

What Can I Do with This Major?
A tremendously helpful resource for identifying TYPICAL career path possibilities associated with different majors.  Developed by the University of Tennesee. 

Choosing a Major

Myths and facts about choosing a major as well as suggestions from Office of Career Services

Major Decisions: How to Pick Your Major In College By James Tunstead Burtchaell, C.S.C
Thoughtful essay written by a priest and professor at Notre Dame several years ago. Still relevant and on target!

Holland Code Handouts
- Holland Type Summaries
(From MU Career Center)
- Realistic Type
- Investigative Type
- Artistic Type
- Social Type
- Enterprising Type
- Conventional Type
- VCU Discovering Your Major
- Holland Codes & Le Moyne College Majors

Learn About Careers

Workplace Values Assessment
Having an understanding of what is most important to you, in your job and career is very helpful in finding satisfaction.  Use this exercise to clarify your career/work values

Student Career Advantage Plan
A detailed guide to planning and preparing for a career, for use by students, parents, faculty and advisors!

Skills Assessment
Use this assessment sheet to identify skills you possess in three broad categories

The Salary Calculator - Find out the salary you would need to make in a different city to maintain the same standard of living that you now have. Based on cost of living indexes.

O*Net Online
Making occupational information interactive and accessible. Search for occupations based on skills. Get specific details on selected occupations.

Get Ready for the Job Search


Purple Briefcase, Inc. is an innovative solution to help students stand out in the very competitive job market and recruitment world. Meeting the increased expectations of delivering a strong career path for  students starts with putting the right systems and solutions in place at Le Moyne College.  Students learn with Purple Briefcase by utilizing technology and tools, coupled with content from industry experts that are enriched with real life experience and wisdom. Purple Briefcase prepares students to be engaged in managing their career path.

Brand Yourself
What will an employer find out when they search for you online? Do you have a visible and credible online presence? Using Brand-yourself.com's free service you can create a favorable web presence.

Career Advising and Development Online Workbooks
Check out these workbooks developed by Career Services to help you prepare your resume, cover letter, and interviews
Resume Workbook | Job Hunting Guide | Job Search Letter Writing | Interviewing Workbook

The world's largest professional network. Be sure to create an account before you graduate. This page has details on Linked-in and how to use it.

Special Resources for Students with  Disabilities
Links to many helpful resources

Research Jobs

The College Journal
Excellent career related info for college students and recent grads from the publishers of the Wall Street Journal.

What Color is Your Parachute: the Net Guide.  
This web site is managed by Richard Bolles, one of the greatest names in career/job counseling.\ At this site is guidance and information regarding the 5 ways to use the internet to support your job search.

The Riley Guide: Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet.  
 Includes among other things sections on using the internet in your job search, opportunities for employment (including info on resume databases, government job listings, resources for jobs in each state) and a section on researching for career and work options.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
A great resource that is easy to use.

Focus 2
Call (445-4185) or Career Advising and Development via email at: careers@lemoyne.edu for the Access

NY Career Zone
Advance search for good occupational information

"Helping You Make Smarter Career Decisions." "Insight on Jobs & Careers" Great info on fields of work, industries and more.