Student Profiles 


Jaimie Zamniak (Auburn, NY)

Accounting Major

What really attracted me to Le Moyne was the atmosphere and the strong reputation of the accounting program. I come from a small town, and being at a school where everyone is familiar and classes are small was absolutely ideal for me. I took an accounting course in high school and found that it was interesting and came naturally to me, so I stuck with it in college and I really love it. It's not just crunching numbers like everyone thinks. There is a lot of problem solving and logic involved as well.

At Le Moyne, students get to pursue their chosen major as well as benefit from philosophy, religion and other core classes. Being an accounting major and learning about philosophy and religion really rounds out my experience, and you'd be surprised how things in the classes tend to overlap or interlock with your major classes. It is challenging, but to be honest I have made some of my best friends in my accounting and major classes, and I would probably be lost without them.  It is definitely a rewarding experience and offers a huge support system of classmates and professors.

Ally Gurley (Syracuse, NY)

Business Analytics Major

One of the most marketable majors at Le Moyne, business analytics taught me how to create solutions to common problems found in every type of business. The analytical strategies that I have learned always take into account the bigger picture: the contexts and situations in which problems occur. Although I hold minors in three other disciplines, only business analytics taught me this type of precise and holistic reasoning.

Every day I use the advanced analytical methods that I have learned in my job at St. Joseph’s Hospital, where I work in the Supply Chain division. Sometimes that means creating spreadsheets to simulate potential cost savings, while other times it means interpreting the ripple effect of those savings.

Although business analytics helps me immensely in my current job, the skills I learned are applicable in a wide range of fields and career pursuits. I will use the knowledge that I have gained wherever my future takes me.


Richelle Lockett (Endicott, NY)

Information Systems and Marketing Major

As a senior at Union Endicott High School, I made Le Moyne my first choice college, applying early decision. I was drawn to the sense of community I found on the campus, and to the opportunity to learn in small classes.

Being small doesn't mean there are limited opportunities. I was accepted to the 4-plus-one program, an innovative offering that Le Moyne has established with Syracuse University, which allows students to earn a bachelor’s degree in information systems and computer science and a master’s degree in information systems with two to three additional semesters of course work.

Information systems is such a rapidly evolving field and is such a critical part of almost any career path. It’s imperative to have an understanding of I.S. when you go out into the workforce, so it’s a degree that can really set you apart.

Bryce Cosgrove

Bryce Cosgrove (Malone, NY)

Finance and Management Information Systems Major

I’ve always been drawn to business in general. As a kid I would play the game Roller Coaster Tycoon endlessly, and now I am constantly keeping an eye on the market and investing with fake paper money online. Le Moyne seemed like a great place to explore these interests. I’ve been able to learn and network with all of my professors very well, and become a leader outside of the classroom by becoming involved in the Student Senate, the Le Moyne Student Programming Board and the Investment Club.

Carl Smith (Syracuse NY)

Information Systems Major

One of the benefits of studying information systems at a liberal arts college is not only gaining expertise in a particular field, but also having the opportunity to fully develop as a person.

Although I enjoy technology, it is important to be able to expand your knowledge. For example, philosophy classes have taught me how look at problems from a different perspective. This skill can be used in information systems to confront a problem and determine multiple solutions.

I plans to continue my education and to earn a master’s degree in information management. I was drawn to the campus because it was small and easy to navigate. Once here, I have enjoyed having the opportunity to form close friendships with his classmates and to complete projects that truly give me an understanding of what the real-world work is like, such as constructing a database for one of my classes.

Joseph Drum (Syracuse, NY)

Management and Leadership and Information Systems Major

I've always had a knack for business, and wanted to pursue it professionally. The Jesuit atmosphere helped to draw me to Le Moyne and, once I was here, I really liked having the opportunity to take a wide variety of courses outside of my major. In fact, that’s what led me to double major in management and leadership and management information systems. After I graduate, I plan to either enter the work force or pursue a master's degree through the 4-plus-1 program that Le Moyne established with Syracuse University.

I've found that networking is one of the most important skills to develop during college. Be it figuring out what your going to do on the weekend, or deciding which courses to take and with which teachers, the more people you know, the easier it becomes. Over the summer I had the opportunity to work as an intern at Bank of New York Mellon, and it was a great preview of life after college.

Zachary Heisert (Syracuse, NY)

Marketing Major

A degree in marketing from Le Moyne College has meant several things to me since I graduated. Foundation: to pursue my Le Moyne education further and complete the MBA Program; confidence: to pursue every endeavor I can imagine; knowledge: to perform and excel in the business world; and strength: to uphold the Jesuit tradition of scholarship, loyalty, and service while maintaining the values and integrity instilled by a Le Moyne education. It has allowed me to achieve a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in all areas of life.