The McDevitt Center

 Student Research at Le Moyne

“Go forth and set the world on fire.”
-- St. Ignatius Loyola

students and darius


At Le Moyne College, we believe in the transforming power of the education of our students as whole persons and we are committed to creating richly textured and multi-faceted learning opportunities and a vibrant campus community that will allow our students to experience what Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolás, S.J. has called “a depth of engagement with reality that transforms them at their deepest core.”

This commitment is expressed in the architectural design of the McDevitt Center space—a space that encourages collaborative learning and intellectual cross-pollination as well as quiet reflection and contemplation. And it is why the McDevitt Center is the home of high impact educational practices including global education, service learning, internships, and undergraduate student research.

By co-locating these vital co-curricular learning opportunities and student services within the McDevitt Center, we validate their important role in the educational formation of Le Moyne students, we underscore the synergistic relationship among each activity, and, we strive to foster deep learning guided by our faculty outside of the classroom context.