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Reverend William Noon Papers and Photographs
Dates: 1940-1975
Creator: Reverend William Noon
Record Series: 490


Tatyana V. Popovic Archives & Special Collections
Le Moyne College
1419 Salt Springs Road
Syracuse, NY 13214

Extent: 13.5 linear feet (27 boxes)
Language of Materials: English


Born on May 17, 1912, Reverend William Noon was a literary scholar who specialized in twentieth century literature.  Noon studied philosophy, theology, and literature, and had a particular interest in the relationship of prayer and poetry. He was also recognized as an authority for the author James Joyce, so much that the New York Times once claimed that he was one of the"best professional experts on Joyce." He was the author of Joyce and Aquinas and Poetry and Prayer. The collection contains personal and family papers, photographs, personal and professional correspondence, business records, and draft manuscripts of articles, books, and reviews. 

Biographical Notes

William Noon was born in Utica, NY on May 17, 1912. He received his Bachelor's Degree in English in 1934, and then taught English and Latin at St. Francis Xavier High School in New York City for three years. He entered the Society of Jesus at St. Andrew-on-Hudson in 1937. A committed academic, he studied philosophy at West Baden in Indiana, and received his M.A. in English from Loyola University in 1943 with a thesis on the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins. After studying theology at Woodstock College in Maryland from 1946 to 1949, he entered the priesthood on June 19, 1949,. After completing his tertianship in Belgium in 1950, he studied at Yale, completing his doctorate in 1954.

After completing his Ph.D. Noon taught as an Assistant Professor of English at Canisius College from 1954 to 1959, and then as an Associate Professor of English at Loyola Seminary, College of Philosophy and Letters, at Fordham University from 1959 to 1964. He joined the Le Moyne College community in 1964 as a Professor of English. His status as a well-respected scholar and one of the most popular professors on the Le Moyne College campus earned him the rank of Professor Emeritus in 1974.

Noon was the author of several scholarly books, articles and reviews. His most prolific works are Joyce and Aquinas, a study of the relationship between Irish author James Joyce and Catholic Saint Thomas Aquinas, and Poetry and Prayer, a study of the relationship between the healing powers of prayer and poetry. He was

Scope and Content

The Reverend William T. Noon papers are held in twenty-seven archival boxes. The collection contains correspondence, scholarly publication, Noon's research of literary authors (including James Joyce), course notes, and personal photographs and materials. The collection also includes reviews of Noon's publications. Overall, the collection provides an insight into Noon's research and academic and religious life. 


 The collection is arranged into nine series. The series are as follows:

  • Series I. Personal
  • Series II. Correspondence
  • Series III. Publications
  • Series IV. Reviews of Noon's Publications
  • Series V. Material on Authors
  • Series VI. James Joyce
  • Series VII. David Jones
  • Series VIII. Course Notes and Background Summaries
  • Series IX. Miscellaneous Topics

Preferred Citation

 Reverend William T. Noon Collection, 1940-1975, Record Series 490, Le Moyne College Archives, Box Number, Shelf Number, Folder Number.




Arrangement was completed by Father William Bosch, S.J. The finding aid was written by Dane Flansburgh in October 2012.


490: Documents About the Noon Collection
490.1.1: Personal Documents/Records, Biography
490.1.2: Personal Business, Receipts
490.1.3: Personal Correspondence
490.1.4: Personal Ordination
490.1.5: Personal Photographs, Slides, Tape
490.1.6: Personal -- Travel
490.1.7: Personal -- Daily Planners
490.1.8: Personal -- Spiritual Memorabilia & Notes
490.2.1: General Correspondence
490.2.2: Professional/Business Correspondence
490.2.3.1: Correspondence -- John D. Boyd, S.J.
490.2.3.2: Correspondence -- Robert Boyle, S.J.
490.2.3.3: Correspondence -- M. Burke Gaffney
490.2.3.4: Correspondence -- Joseph R. McElrath, Jr.
490.2.3.5: Correspondence -- Patrick Samway, S.J.
490.2.3.6: Correspondence -- Eileen Veale
490.2.3.7 Correspondence -- W.K. Wimsatt, Jr.
490.2.3.8 Correspondence -- James Torrens
490.2.3.9: Correspondence -- Liam Miller
490.2.3.10: Correspondence -- Adaline Glashee
490.2.3.11: Correspondence -- Mabel Worthington
490.2.3.12: Correspondence -- Walter Ong, S.J.
490.20: Individuals -- Jesuit Community
490.3: Noon Bibliographies
490.3.1: Noon Publications
490.3.2: Articles and Reviews by Noon
490.3.3: Signed Articles Sent to Noon
490.3.4: Text
490.3.5: Joyce and Aquinas -- Dissertation
490.4.1: Joyce and Aquinas Reviews
490.4.2: Poetry and Prayer Reviews
490.5.1: Matthew Arnold Clippings
490.5.2: James Baldwin Clippings
490.5.3: Samuel Beckett Clippings
490.5.4: Brontes Clippings and Articles
490.5.5: Anthony Burgess Clippings
490.5.6: William Carelton Clippings
490.5.7: Teilhard De Chardin Clippings
490.5.8: Chaucer Clippings
490.5.9: Chesterton Clippings
490.5.10: John Chever Clippings
490.5.11: John Ciardi Clippings
490.5.12: Elizabeth Cullinan
490.5.13 Charles Dickens Clippings
490.5.14: T.S. Eliot
490.5.15: William Faulkner Clippings
490.5.16: F. Scott Fitzgerald Clippings
490.5.17: E.M. Forster Clippings
490.5.18: Robert Frost Clippings and Notes
490.5.19: James Baldwin Clippings
490.5.20: G.M. Hopkins Notes, Articles, Etc.
490.5.21: Henry James Clippings
490.5.22: D.H. Lawrence Clippings
490.5.23: Rosmary Macaulay
490.5.24: Norman Mailer Materials
490.5.25: Samuel Menashe
490.5.26: John Moffit Material
490.5.27: Henry Cardinal Newman Material
490.5.28: Sean O'Casey Material
490.5.29: Flannery O'Conner Materials
490.5.30: George Orwell Materials
490.5.31: Alexander Pope Materials
490.5.32: Ezra Pound
490.5.33: Marcel Proust Clippings
490.5.34: Philip Roth Clippings
490.5.35: G.B. Shaw Material
490.5.36: Santayana and Wallace Stevens
490.5.37: Shakespeare Material
490.5.38: Edith Sitwell Materials
490.5.39: Mureil Spark Materials
409.5.40: John Millington Synge Material
409.5.41: Henry D. Thoreau
490.5.42: Victorian Authors
490.5.43: Thornton Wilder and Tenn. Williams
490.5.44: Yeats Materials
490.5.45: Miscellaneous Authors
490.5.46: Henry Miller
490.6.1: Joyce Clippings and Articles
490.6.2: Joyce, "Dubliners"
490.6.3: Joyce, "Finnegan's Wake"
490.6.4: Joyce, "Portrait of the Artist"
490.6.5: Joyce, "Ulysses"
490.6.6: Joyce and Music/Sound
490.6.7: "Religious Position of Joyce"
490.6.8: International Joyce Symposium
490.6.9: Cornell University Research
490.7.1: David Jones -- Bibliogrpahies
490.7.2: David Jones -- Clippings
490.7.3: David Jones, "Anathemata"
490.7.4: Jones -- Xerox of Minor Works
490.8: Courses/Classes Markbook
490.8.1: English 101-2 -- Fiction and Composition
490.8.2: English 445-446 -- Victorian Prose
490.8.3: English 465 -- Modern Poetry Studies
490.8.4: English 466 -- James Joyce
490.8.5: English 461 -- Twentieth Century Fiction
490.8.7: English Literature Survey (Juniorate)
490.8.8: Short Story
490.8.9: American Literature Course
490.9.1: Art And Architecture
490.9.2: Art And Morality
490.9.3: Black Themes
490.9.4: Catholicism and Literature
490.9.5: Drama
490.9.6: Education
490.9.7: "Godfather" and Queen Elizabeth II
490.9.8: Ireland
490.9.9: Jesuit
490.9.10: Language and Linguistics
490.9.11: Liturgies/Homilies
490.9.12: Medieval/Renaissance/Reformation
490.9.13: Mormons
490.9.14: John Courtney Murray, S.J.
490.9.15: Music and Musicians
490.9.16: Nickel RW and "Easy Rider"
490.9.17: Rev. Walter Ong, S.J.
490.9.18: Poetry Academy and Alpha Sigma Nu
490.9.19: Political Clippings
490.9.20: Prayer and Contemplation
490.9.21: Religion
490.9.22: Texas Tech. College Symposium
490.9.23: Theology/Scripture
490.9.24: Tragedy
490.9.25: Giambattista Vico