About the HEOP Program at Le Moyne College

HEOP Transfer Students

To transfer into HEOP at Le Moyne, students must:

  • Have been in an opportunity program (HEOP, EOP, SEEK, etc) at their previous institution.
  • Status verification is required before final acceptance into Le Moyne's program. 
  • Complete the regular Le Moyne transfer application. 

Transfer students should submit completed applications by August 1.  However, it is recommended that students apply earlier than August 1, as there are limited spaces available to transfer students.

Financial Aid

Full financial aid is provided for the pre-freshman summer program.  During the regular academic year, HEOP students are funded through New York State and the institution.  All students are expected to supplement their packages with federal loans if the need arises. 

Advising and Counseling

HEOP and AHANA staff members work in collaboration with faculty advisors to ensure that all students are informed of their academic options.  Students are introduced to various study opportunities, and have the ability to participate in diverse educational programming.  The HEOP and AHANA program provides academic, personal, and social counseling with its staff members and faculty advisors.  There is also career counseling through the office of Career Advising and Development to assist students with professional workshops and development.