Welcome to the Le Moyne College “ 3+3” Law School Program

Hello, Le Moyne students. My name is Jim Snyder, and I’m the new “3+3” Law School Program Coordinator at Le Moyne College.

The “3+3” Program is an exciting opportunity for any eligible Le Moyne College student to apply during their junior year at Le Moyne to the Syracuse University College of Law or the Fordham University School of Law. If accepted, you will finish your senior year at Le Moyne as a first year law student at one of those excellent law schools, earning your Le Moyne degree upon the completion of your first year (“1L”) of law school. Not only that, but if accepted, you will be eligible for reduced tuition at both law schools during all three years of your law school career.

I’ll get into the details of the program, below. First, let me introduce myself.


About Jim Snyder, Program Coordinator

I’m here at Le Moyne to help you anytime to explore your “3+3” options. Some of you may know me already. I’m a practicing civil trial lawyer in Syracuse, a partner at the Green & Reid, PLLC, law firm. I’ve been an adjunct professor in the Political Science Department at Le Moyne, and I will be teaching some law classes at Le Moyne over the next several years. I also taught in the Legal Studies Program at Syracuse University for 20 years. I was a senior trial attorney for The Legal Aid Society of New York City, in the Criminal Defense Division in Brooklyn. I then served as a speechwriter, Senior Staff policy analyst, and Assistant Counsel to N.Y.S. Governor Mario M. Cuomo. I was a founder of the Franciscan Northside Legal Clinic for the poor, and am interested in disability rights law. Most importantly, I have two college-age young adult children, one of whom is going to law school next year.

James T. Snyder, Esq.
3+3 Law School Program Coordinator
432 Reilly Hall
Office hours: Tuesdays, 5:15-6:00 p.m.


The Basics

The “3+3” Program is a rigorous one. It calls for serious thought, planning and maturity beginning early in your Le Moyne career. We will be actively looking for potentially eligible Le Moyne freshmen and sophomores from all majors who will have completed their Le Moyne core and major requirements by the end of their junior year to consider applying for law school under this program. Each year going forward, eligible Le Moyne juniors can apply between October 1st and April 1st of their junior year for admission to the Syracuse University College of Law, and between May 1st and June 30th of their junior year for admission to the Fordham University School of Law. This Program will ramp up and grow in earnest in the coming years, as more Le Moyne students in every department and major prepare to take advantage of the “3+3” Program.


The Specifics -- How Does It Work?

For the Syracuse University College of Law
  • Le Moyne College students may apply to the Syracuse University College of Law between October 1st and April 1st of their junior year.
  • The application fee will be waived.
  • Students will apply as 1L candidates for the Juris Doctor (“JD”)degree.
  • It is expected that Le Moyne students will not need to take the Law School Admission Test (“LSAT”) if applying through the S.U. “3+3” Program; however, this is currently subject to approval of S.U.’s pending waiver application by the American Bar Association.
  • The Le Moyne student can, of course, take the LSAT in the spring of his or her junior year, and that score (minimum grade must be in the top 75th percentile) will be used by S.U. in the “3+3” admission process.
  • However, if the student does not take the LSAT, applications will be reviewed based upon the student’s undergraduate GPA, resume, letters of recommendation, and an interview with the College of Law Director of Admissions and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  • Without an LSAT, the College of Law will be looking for a Le Moyne GPA of 3.60 or standing within the top 75th percentile of the student’s Le Moyne class cohort.
  • Once admitted, the Le Moyne student must maintain a law school GPA of 2.20 to remain enrolled and in good academic standing
  • The College of Law will provide an admission decision by mid-July, giving students time to take the LSAT if they are not granted admission at S.U.
For the Fordham University School of Law
  • The “3+3” Program with Le Moyne requires the student to have taken the LSAT before applying to Fordham.
  • Students may apply for 1L admission through the LSAC process between May 1 and June 30 of their junior year.
  • The application fee will be waived.
  • Fordham will require a minimum LSAT score of 165 and a Le Moyne GPA of 3.75 or above to be considered for early admission under this “3+3” Program.
  • If eligible, the Le Moyne student will be required to have an interview at the School of Law to help determine the student’s goals and readiness for the study of law; the interview may be completed through Skype or other media. Students must maintain a law school GPA of 2.20 to remain enrolled and in good academic standing at Fordham Law.

Paying for Law School -- Extraordinary Tuition Benefits

This could be the best part of the “3+3” Program. Paying for law school is a critical issue for every interested student, as law school tuition rates have risen ever higher.

For the Syracuse University School of Law
  • If the Le Moyne student is accepted into the S.U. College of Law under the “3+3” Program, tuition for the 1L year will be charged at the Le Moyne College undergraduate rate, a discount of approximately 33%.
  • In the second (“2L”) and third (“3L”) years at S.U., Le Moyne “3+3” students will pay the College of Law tuition rate, but will receive a scholarship covering 50% of tuition as long as they maintain a law GPA of 2.80 or higher each academic year.
For the Fordham University School of Law
  • Like the Syracuse “3+3” Program, the financial benefits to accepted Le Moyne students are substantial at Fordham Law.
  • While tuition will be charged at the regular Fordham Law School rate, Le Moyne students will receive a guaranteed annual scholarship of $15,000.00 during each of their three years at Fordham Law.

These are remarkable opportunities to study the law for Le Moyne College students.

There are, of course, some additional details, but that is what I will be available for -- to help guide you through the “3+3” Program process. I expect to have an evening presentation about the Program for all interested Le Moyne students, to be scheduled in the next several weeks. You can always contact me at the following email address: snydejat@lemoyne.edu, or call me at 315-383-5565.

I am delighted to be on board at Le Moyne to assist with this remarkable “3+3” Program. I look forward to meeting the Le Moyne community.

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