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Applying for Adult Admission

Personnel within the center will assist adult students over the age of 24 with admission to the College by assessing their academic backgrounds and transfer credit, assisting with educational planning and recommending the appropriate course for admission. Students may choose to pursue a bachelor's degree either part-time or full-time in any major, or they may pursue a certificate program.

Adult students may choose to take courses on a nonmatriculated (NM) basis part-time without making application to the college. Others who wish to apply, but do not meet the admission requirements, may be offered the option of NM status to work towards matriculation.

NM part-time students may take up to 11 credit hours per semester and are eligible to apply for matriculation/ad
mission after completion of 9-18 credit hours with at least a 2.6 GPA. The minimum of 9 credit hours must include: one course from the core curriculum, one course from the intended major and, if mathematics is required in the intended major, one course in mathematics.*

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NM students MUST apply for matriculation after 18 credit hours have been completed. In addition, they must meet these admission requirements:


1. The student must have earned at least a 2.6 cumulative G.P.A.
    for admission to most programs.

2. Proficiency in English, mathematics and the intended area of
    study must be demonstrated in the academic record. In
    mathematics, all students must have successfully completed
    at least the third year of college preparatory high school

3. Transfer students may use transfer credit to fulfill a core
    requirement when the transfer course is equivalent to the
    core course. In addition, transfer students may use up to
    two humanities courses in two different humanities
    departments. Students who apply transfer credits to core
    requirements must, notwithstanding, complete at least one
    core course at Le Moyne in each of the humanities:
    English, history, philosophy and religious studies.

Students who are not accepted for admission or who do not intend to matriculate will be prohibited from registering for additional courses unless they obtain written approval from the director of Continuing Education. Students whose previous academic record indicates that they will be unable to meet the criteria for matriculation may be prohibited from registering for classes. The Continuing Education staff assists students with the transition to Le Moyne College by providing an adult orientation program prior to each fall and spring semester.

*In addition, completion of sequential math 3 in high school or a non-credit intermediate algebra course is required for admission to Le Moyne.

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