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Christina Nicholais


Undergraduate research opportunities are one element for psychology majors at Le Moyne

The major objective of the psychology department is to familiarize students with the basic methods and theories utilized to study the behavior of humans and animals. Through an offering of lecture, discussion, laboratory and field experiences, the department provides students with a comprehensive overview of the various approaches employed by psychologists while enabling individuals to pursue specific interests in greater depth.


A Student's Thesis: Flash Mobs and Psychology

Flash mobs and psychology seem like completely different things. Who would see the connection? Christina Nicholais did.

“We asked Christina to talk to a group of accepted students about psychology and about her research experience,” said Psychology Department chair Brenda Kirby. “And what she decided to do was organize the school’s a cappella musical group into a flash mob that would break out into dance during her presentation.”

Yes, a flash mob creates spontaneous fun, but Nicholais had a more academic reason for creating one. A flash mob, she understood, demonstrates the psychological concepts of groupthink, mob mentality, crowd manipulation, and other sorts of group-oriented psychological phenomena.

The group of accepted students treated to that particular flash mob certainly understood not only the fun of something so unexpected, but—with a little explanation from Nicholais—also something of what it all meant, psychology-wise.


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