The chemistry program has been accredited by the American Chemical Society and closely follows the recommendations of that society in the design of its academic programs. The minimum requirements for the B.S. degree in chemistry include two semesters of each of the following areas: general, organic, analytical and physical chemistry; inorganic chemistry and biochemistry; and one upper-division chemistry elective. A student completing the program is certified by the American Chemical Society. Exceptions to American Chemical Society certification may be made by the department chair.

Chemistry Major

This is the major sequence usually leading to advanced studies in the field. Each chemistry major will have the opportunity to participate in an original research project under the supervision of a faculty member. The department encourages all majors to become involved in the research program. An honors program in chemistry is also available. Please contact the department chair. 

Chemistry Major with a Minor in Biology

A second way of achieving a B.S. degree in chemistry includes a simultaneous minor in biology. In addition to providing the student with the background required for a meaningful career in chemistry, this program is also designed to prepare the student for further studies in biochemistry, medicine, dentistry (including all requirements for admission to such programs), as well as graduate studies in these and related fields. This curriculum would permit an easy transition to a major in biochemistry or biology should the student find these subjects of greater interest. A number of free electives are permitted, making this a very flexible program. A suggested form for the program follows.

The requirements for the chemistry minor are at least 15 credit hours of chemistry. These must include at least three lecture courses with their associated laboratories. At least three credit hours must be at the 300- or 400- level. None of the courses may be taken as pass/fail.

Chemistry with a Concentration in Pre-Engineering

The chemistry B.S. can be taken with a pre-engineering concentration to serve as the foundation for the Bachelor’s in Chemistry and Master’s in Chemical Engineering degree program at Syracuse University.

Biochemistry Major B.S.

An interdisciplinary major in biochemistry is available. For details, see Interdisciplinary Programs.

Learning goals for the chemistry major

  1. Working knowledge of chemistry and its sub-disciplines (organic, analytical, inorganic, physical, biochemistry, polymer).
  2. Working knowledge of safe laboratory practices, including proper waste disposal and the environmental impact of chemistry.
  3. Working knowledge of a broad range of laboratory techniques, including proficiency with the major tools commonly used (quantitative, qualitative, instrumental); and the ability to interpret and analyze data generated by these tools.
  4. Working knowledge in using computers as a tool to carry out specific chemical calculations.
  5. Facility in constructing or using conceptual models of chemical systems using critical/analytical/logical thought.
  6. Working knowledge of the relationship between chemical theory and experimental design; an understanding of the role of "scientific method" in experimental design and data interpretation.
  7. Facility with the mathematical skills (up through differential and integral calculus) required to analyze and interpret conceptual models of chemical systems.
  8. Facility in using the scientific literature in order to broaden their base of chemical knowledge.
  9. Facility in clearly communicating scientific and technical information in a style appropriate to chemistry.
  10. General understanding of the relationship of chemistry to other natural sciences.
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