Office of Campus Life and Leadership



Housing Costs 2013-2014

Traditional Residential Building:         $3,715.00/semester               $7,430.00/year

               (Dablon, Foery, Harrison, Mitchell, Nelligan, St. Mary's)


Apartment Style Building:                     $4,085.00/semester               $8,170.00/year

               (Le Moyne Heights, Le Moyne View, Townhouses)



Mailing Address:

Building Room
Le Moyne College
1419 Salt Springs Rd.
Syracuse, N.Y. 13214-1399

All residential mail and packages will be delivered to the mail room in Foery Hall.  Mail room hours are emailed to students and posted at the start of each semester, and mail can be picked up during the posted time.  Students will receive an email notification when they receive a package.

Residence Hall Access

An identification card access system has been installed at the main entrance(s) of each residence hall. Resident students gain access to their residence hall by "swiping" their Dolphin cards through a card reader. Residents have access to their assigned building 24 hours a day. Access to other residence halls is limited to the hours of 10 a.m.-11:00 p.m. daily. Students are required to carry their identification card with them at all times.

Maintenance and Repairs

Students have access to our online maintenence request system and can submit any non-emergency requests.  Any emergency request (floods, etc.) must be called in immediately to Physical Plant (315) 445-4500 8:30a.m.-4:30p.m. or Security (315) 445-4444 outside of that time. 

Medical Care

Residents with special medical needs should seek consultation and make proper arrangements with personnel from the Student Health Service(x440).

Night Deliveries

Night deliveries from local food establishments should be arranged so that delivery persons and student night hosts are not inconvenienced. When deliveries are expected, the individual(s) placing the order must meet the delivery person in the main lobby. Delivery persons will not be permitted beyond lobby areas.

Microfridge Rental

The College does not supply a refrigerator/microwave rental service; however, an independent refrigerator rental agency provides this service through the Offcie of Campus Life and Leadership.  Information regarding this service will be sent to students. If students wish to supply their own refrigerators and/or microwaves, they may do so. Refrigerators should be no larger than 3.6 cubic feet and microwaves should generate no more than 700 watts. All refrigerators and microwaves are subject to a safety inspection and must be removed if requested by a Residence Life staff member.

Residence Hall Damage Assessment

Implicit in the assignment to a College residence unit is an agreement by the student to be jointly responsible with other residents for the protection of the unit, its furnishings and equipment, and to share in the payment for damages sustained. General building damage, floor damage and individual room damages are assessed throughout the academic year.

Individuals who are identified as responsible for damage will be billed accordingly by the Office of Campus Life and Leadership. Unassigned damages to common facilities will be shared by the students who use these facilities. An itemized list of damage charges will be provided to students upon request.

There are three types of damage charges:

1.  All Hall Charge: This is a charge absorbed by all students in a residence unit for damages that occur in an area used by all members of the residence if no individual is found responsible.
2.  Floor Charge: This is a charge absorbed by all students on a particular corridor for damages that occur in the corridor, lounge or bathroom area if no individual is found responsible.
3.  Individual Damage Charge: This is charged to an individual student who is found responsible for a particular item that was damaged. Students are held responsible for damages to their rooms during their period of occupancy.

At the beginning of the academic year, students will complete the Room Condition Reoprt online, and a Campus Life and Leadership member will verify the condition of the room. Any time a student changes occupancy, the Room Condition Report form will be used. The room a student vacates is "signed out" and the room the student enters is "signed in." Upon signing out at the end of the academic year, the student turns in his/her keys to the residence hall office. The residence director will inspect the building and record damage on the Room Condition Report form. At the time of check-out, the student has an opportunity to claim responsibility for any billable damage to his/her living area. The student will be billed directly from these forms. Any questions concerning damage assessment should be directed to the Residence Life Office.

Room and Apartment Care

Residents of campus residence halls and apartments are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and keeping the living room neat. The cleaning service is responsible for bathrooms in the common areas. Any complaints regarding cleaning service should be directed to the appropriate residence director. It is advisable that pegboards or tackboards be purchased for decorations in the living areas. Nails, tacks, decals or masking tape may not be put on walls or furniture.
Sprinkler heads are located throughout each suite in Harrison Hall. Sprinkler heads should not be touched or used to hang anything, since contact will release the sprinkler, causing extensive damage.

Vending Machines

Snack and soft drink machines are located in each residence hall. If money is lost in any machine, refunds may be obtained in the Security Office in Nelligan Hall.

Washers and Dryers

Coin-free washers and dryers are available in the all residence halls. Students are asked to consider others and not monopolize machines. If a machine is out of order, it should be reported to the R.A. or the office in that residence hall. Washers and dryers work best when not overloaded. Refunds are available through the Physical Plant Office.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Residents who withdraw from the College should inform the Associate Director of Campus Life and Leadership prior to moving out. Departing students must Check out of the room, and return room and mailbox keys to the Office of Campus Life and Leaderhip in the Campus Center. It is the responsibility of all students to make sure they return their keys and appropriately check out with residence hall staff. Arrangements for the appropriate refund for board will be made. Refunds for room charges are not available.