Tau Sigma National Honor Society




Tau Sigma

Tau Sigma is an academic honor society designed specifically to "recognize and promote the academic excellence and involvement of transfer students."

2021/22 Executive Officers


Raegan Parrotta (parrotrl@lemoyne.edu)
Dawn Penson (pensond@lemoyne.edu)

Kathryn Lapaglia ( lapaglk@lemoyne.edu)

John Jordan ( jordajom@lemoyne.edu)

Events Chair:
Diego Delgado (delgaddj@lemoyne.edu)

Chapter Advisor:
Karen Ortega (ortegakm@lemoyne.edu)



On April 25th, 31 students were awarded a Tau Sigma lifetime membership based on their high academic achievements during the fall 2020 semester.  Congratulations to Zainab, Daniel, Cassandra, Zachary, Krystal, Shane, Julia, Cameron, Colin, Kyle, Amber, Diego, Michael, Cherise, Meghan, Susan, John, Kathryn, Brittney, Yanet, Joseph, Joseph, Michelle, Sharifay, Gabriella, Dawn, Jason, Jonas, Nicole, Katherine and Cassandra.


Congratulations to Class of 2021 biology major Grace Bang for receiving a scholarship from the Tau Sigma National Honor Society!

Tau Sigma’s primary objective is “recognizing and promoting the academic excellence and involvement of transfer students.” Bang received one of 66 scholarships awarded to Tau Sigma members.  Criteria for the awards is based on the student’s service and involvement on campus and within the community.  Nationally, the organization distributed $100,000 in awards.

Le Moyne’s Ta Sigma chapter was approved in 2011 and is proud to recognize 200+ lifetime members.  Just this past month, 66 new transfer students received letters of eligibility to join our Spring cohort.

To receive an invitation to join, students must be in their first semester at their new institution, transfer in at least one full year of credits and earn at least a 3.5 GPA.  The mission of this honor society is to recognize students who have faced the adversity of transferring to a new academic institution and have thrived throughout this transition.

“For me, being awarded this scholarship feels like more fuel to my ambitions moving forward. I am proud of what I've done within the chapter community as well as within the Syracuse area and I can't wait to do more. Le Moyne and Tau Sigma have allowed me to be a part of things that are bigger than myself and it's given me a sense of purpose.“

Built on the idea that empowered women empower young girls, learn more about Grace and her Girls With Goals initiative (www.girlswithgoalscny.org)


Alpha Lambda Delta

Alpha Lamba Delta

Alpha Lambda Delta is a national academic honor society for first-year students. Alpha Lambda Delta's mission is to encourage superior academic achievement, promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and help students recognize and develop meaningful goals for their role in society.

2021/22 Executive Officers


Ivonne Santana (santania@lemoyne.edu)
Kaitlyn Kulawy (kulawyk@lemoyne.edu)

Natalie Petroske (petrosnk@lemoyne.edu)

Gwendolyn Fruehauf (fruehaga@lemoyne.edu)

Events Chair:
Alexia Kouimanis (kouimaa@lemoyne.edu)

Chapter Advisor:
Pam Chrysler (jurellph@lemoyne.edu)

Le Moyne's Alpha Lambda Delta chapter was approved in 2020 and is proud to recognize over 150 lifetime members.

To receive an invitation to join, full-time first-year students must earn a minimum of a 3.5 GPA in their first fall semester at Le Moyne College. Invitations are sent out in the spring.