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  • Volunteer Guidelines



    •    Contact your site supervisor to set up your first visit.

    •    Visit the agency's website before you begin your service (if applicable).
    •    If any problems or conflicts arise between you and the agency you are serving, contact the director of community engagement IMMEDIATELY (315-445-4185 or



    •    Meet individually with the director of community engagement to identify the agency you will be serving.
    •    Fill out required paperwork from the agency and return to appropriate people in a timely manner.
    •    Transportation arrangements are YOUR responsibility! They should be made a week in advance. Please contact (315) 445-4110 to be put on the schedule for the service van. (No student may ride in the van if she/he is not on the schedule.)

    •    If evaluations are a part of your service, please see that they are to the appropriate people in a timely manner.

    •    Submit your Hours Verification in a timely manner.



    •    Be careful of physical contact: avoid hugging, rough housing, etc.
    •    Talk to your supervisor if you suspect any type of abuse.
    •    You are a role model: use professional language and behaviors.



    •    What happens at the agency, stays at the agency.
    •    Do not identify people by name in reports/discussions.
    •    Problems or concerns?

    Talk privately with Director of Community Engagement or your professor.



    •    Given for REFLECTION, not service.
    •    Check with your professor for set hours or specific project and attendance & behavior policies.
    •    If a student does not follow the agency's procedures or fails to notify the agency if s/he is unable to attend, the student may be dismissed from the agency and, thus, not be able to complete the service-learning requirement for the class.
    •  The Director of Community Engagement will notify both the student and the professor of the course if an agency contacts her with concerns about a student's behavior.