Purcell School of Professional Studies at Le Moyne College
Why a Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies?
Le Moyne has launched a major specifically designed to provide busy working professionals with the opportunity to complete their degree on a part-time basis. As a student in the Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies program, you can choose to concentrate in health-related studies or business to help you advance your career or establish a new one in a number of dynamic fields. There is no better time than now to complete your undergraduate education and the BSPS is designed to make your degree completion a seamless experience! 

In today's competitive job market, the benefits for those who have earned a bachelor's degree are more evident than ever before. Consider:

1. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate is about 50 percent less for those with a four-year degree as compared with high school graduates 25 years of age and older.
2. Those with bachelor's degrees can expect to earn an average of $1 million more over their lifetimes than those with a high school diploma (US Census Bureau, Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities).
3. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that many employers continue to consider a college degree a critical credential for hiring. Burning Glass, a company that analyzes job ads, documented in a 2014 report that "employers in many fields are requiring a bachelor's degree for jobs that previously didn't need them. ("When a Degree is Just the Beginning," Sept. 14, 2015).

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Finishing Strong
Earning their college degree. Many busy adults say there is nothing that they have ever wanted anything more. Adult students in Le Moyne’s bachelor of science program in professional studies realize that dream, inspire and mentor traditional-age students, and open a world of possibilities, personally and professionally. They finish strong.
What's Next?
Obtaining your bachelor's degree will increase your professional options and open up new opportunities for promotion. You will improve your communication, leadership, decision-making skills and quantitative literacy skills, while gaining valuable project management experience.

If you choose to continue your education at Le Moyne, the degree will allow you to move into a number of graduate programs here, including:

• The College's MBA, Education Certification, Occupational Therapy, Arts Administration
• Le Moyne's Advanced Dual Degree Partnership in Nursing Program (RN and BS in Nursing combined)
• Entrance to other graduate programs of your choosing.

Why choose Le Moyne to finish your degree?
REDUCED TUITION: Tuition for this part time degree program is just $500 per credit hour, or $300 per credit hour for 100- and 200-level courses taken over J-mester and May-mester.
• Courses are offered year-round in evening, online, and hybrid formats.
• The program includes numerous free electives, meaning you may earn significant transfer credit for previous work.
• Academic programs can be individualized to support your professional goals.
• Small class sizes and personalized student services make it simple to access classes and support, including academic advising and career counseling.
• Your education can be even more affordable, thanks to Le Moyne's Employer Tuition Deferral Program and financial aid may be available. Monthly payment plans are available.

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