CURAR Applied Research Fellowships

Le Moyne College’s Center for Urban and Regional Applied Research invites faculty members and CURAR Research Associates to submit proposals for a CURAR Applied Research Fellowship. These are one-year Fellowship stipends that average about $2,000 or higher based on available funding, awarded for projects that involve faculty and research associates in applied scholarship of varying forms. They are intended to support faculty & Research Associates to develop applied research projects that are of use to the community, and to carry out the research with students when possible. Each year, past ARFs will serve on the committee to select the Fellows.


Any member of the Faculty Senate (including Adjunct Professors) who will be teaching at Le Moyne College during the Fellowship year is eligible to apply for a Fellowship under this program. CURAR Research Associates who are engaging Le Moyne students in applied research projects are also eligible. To be considered "applied" research should be designed to address a practical concern or problem relevant to the wider community.

Application Process

A full application consists of a completed application form together with all supporting material requested on the form. Applications should be submitted via email to the CURAR Director or awards chair as Word attachments. 

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Projects should address a clear problem in the community and/or have a community organization partner.
  2. The applied research project is encouraged to involve students. Student involvement in the research may take place in the context of course activities, as independent study projects, or in another form.
  3. There is no limit to the number of times an eligible person may apply for a Fellowship, but they should not apply to simply repeat a particular research project. However, former Fellows may propose subsequent phases of applied research projects already completed in previous Fellowship years. In addition to the merits of the current proposal, the committee will consider the applicant's history with CURAR Applied Research Fellowships.
  4. It is the responsibility of applicant at time of application to demonstrate compliance with all relevant college policies (e.g. Institutional Review Board, Information Technology).
  5. Where the proposed project entails development of new content areas for research or teaching, it is the responsibility of the applicant at the time of application to request a letter of support from his or her department chair or program chair explaining how applicant's plan advances institutional teaching and research goals.

Fellowship Administration and Reporting
  1. The Fellowship stipend will come to the recipient as a one-time payment and is subject to income taxes. For faculty members this will come as an addition to their regular paycheck. Stipends may also be used for project related costs.
  2. Fellows and their students will present a final report on their progress at the end of the relevant semester. Copies of research reports and other materials produced should be provided to CURAR. The committee will not consider proposals for Applied Research fellowships from applicants who have outstanding project reports.

Specific Instructions

Submit application via email to the CURAR Awards Chair as a Word attachment.

Fellowship Application

Provide a cover page with the following information:

º Name:
º Date:
º Department:
º Number, Title and Semester of the course in which research will be done by students, if the research is to be done in a course context. (note this is not required):
º Applied Research Project Title:
º Project Abstract (to post on website, maximum of 100 words)  Briefly describe the research project, its intended applications and how you will have students involved in it.
º Is the proposed research covered by policies of:
        º Institutional Review Board
        º Information Technology
        º Other College Policies (please specify)
º Please include evidence of compliance with all relevant policies (e.g. IRB approval).

Prepare a narrative detailing the proposed applied research project and how students will be involved. Please follow the outline below.

º An approximately 1-2 page description of the project (Be sure to indicate the problem's significance; objectives; and how the results may be applied)
º Timetable for the project. (Must include a completion date)
º A brief description of related projects you have completed.

Attach relevant supporting material (e.g. IRB approval, letter of support from chair, course syllabus, letter of collaboration from community partner organization).