This is a college-wide award and students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply.

To be considered for the medal, please contact David P. Voorhees CURAR Awards Chair.

Past Award Recipients

  • 2018  Brittany Perolla
  • 2017  Benjamin Rodgers
  • 2016  Eileen Ploetz
  • 2015  Mitchell Lucas
  • 2014  Samantha Furco
  • 2013  Lindsey Forcione, CNY Vitals Research
  • 2012  Andrew Lunetta, Pedal to Possibilities
  • 2011  Adrienne Canino
  • 2010  Eileen Micaroni
  • 2009  Clinton Smith, GIS Greenbelt Analysis: Building a Greenbelt in Syracuse
  • 2008  Sara Stebner, "An Examination of the Relationship between Mental Illness and Criminal Activity in a Sample of Onondaga County Offenders: A Diathesis-Stress Approach"
  • 2007  Jamie Gartner, "A Comparison of Schools in Rome, Italy and Central New York"
  • 2006  April Roberts, "An Evaluation Plan for the Syracuse Middle School Choice Program"
  • 2006  Maria Paino, "The Impact of Digital Divide Remediation on Income and Public Assistance"

Award Criteria

  1. Student must be a graduating senior.
  2. Student must participate in research that is applied to urban and regional issues (i.e. basic research, needs assessment, policy analysis, program evaluation).
  3. The research must include a written or otherwise tangible product which can be reviewed. It must be original scholarly work.
  4. The student must engage in a public presentation of this work.
  5. The research and product may be co-authored with faculty and/or other students and community members.
  6. A recommendation from the supervising faculty member (mentor, co-author etc.) must be submitted along with the finished product to the Urban and Regional Scholars Committee for review by the publicized deadline.