Visual Arts: Get Involved

We would like you to join us on our journey each year as we encourage and facilitate the dreams and work of our students. There are many opportunities to be had within the Department of Visual and Performing Arts ranging from paid work-study opportunities to student leadership positions, as well as volunteer opportunities and many more! 


Art Club

The Le Moyne College Art Club provides an opportunity for the student body and faculty to further their creative pursuits as it leads to the aesthetic enhancement of the entire college. Club activities explore many facets of art-- including drawing, painting and photography- through participation and display. As such, the Art Club serves as supplement to the Le Moyne College fine arts department and as a creative organization for social interaction and expression.  


Work Study 

Each year the Visual Arts program hires new and returning students to help in the art galleries, assist in the studios and photo lab, and generally maintain a fully functional Visual Arts program. Students will learn important skills and be able to help other students. You do not have to be a Visual Art minor to participate in these opportunities.  If you are looking for more information about work-study opportunities, please feel free to email us at: and specify Visual Arts as the area in which you would like to work. 


Performing Arts Center Gallery

The Gallery on the second floor of the Carol W. Coyne Performing Arts Center is run by the Visual Arts program faculty.  Its primary focus is to show student work in a variety of contexts.  Past shows have included work created by art classes, by current Visual Arts minors, and by faculty and staff outside the art program. 


Wilson Art Gallery

Administered by the College Art Gallery Committee, it serves both Le Moyne College and local communities. Art works of primarily local artists are exhibited in the Gallery. Prospective exhibitors may apply to the Wilson Art Gallery Committee by calling 445-4323, and submitting portfolios which consist of their vitae, list of precious exhibits, slides or photographs of their works, reviews, ect. The committee juries the works on the basis of merit and need for varieties of media. It schedules the exhibits on and a half to two years in advance.

Le Moyne students are given the opportunity to display their art work at the annual Student Art Show. The Fine Arts Department helps in organizing the student show at the end of the school year. The gallery is open during regular Library hours when an exhibit is on display. For hours please call 445-4153.


Other Opportunities

 The Visual Arts program provides several other opportunities for students to get involved. These include: summer courses, internships, museum learning experiences, and chances to exhibit new and original works. The program also offers collaborative learning opportunities. For more information, please feel free to email us at: