Global Connections: Scotland
The week in Scotland allows graduate students to fulfill credit requirements while experiencing the culture and management practices of Scotland, as part of their studies in Global Management. While in Scotland, students attend lectures by prominent business managers and professors while also experiencing the culture through the arts, historical sights and interacting with the people of the country. Some of the companies visited on previous trips are; Fanduel, Lockheed IT, Tomatin Distillery, Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
Changing Our Students' World View

"We visited FanDuel. It was great to hear from some of the company’s top executives on FanDuel’s journey from a small start up to it’s dominance in the industry today. It was also an interesting time in the industry as regulations were becoming more strict."

"Forcing myself to go outside of my comfort zone is a challenge I face every day professionally and personally. But when you do, great things can happen. My trip to Scotland reiterated this for me."