A Global Approach to Jesuit Education

Today’s business world is global. Many Madden students will, at some point, do business internationally either through an international assignment or working with international customers. The Madden programs at Le Moyne College offer optional opportunities for short-term courses, normally one week in length, that are held in overseas locations where students gain exposure to both international businesses and cultures. Some of the locations are below.

Madden in Beijing

Finance and Analytics majors will travel to the Beijing Center and participate in an in-depth Modern Security Analysis course for five days during the J-mester. The Beijing Center provides a uniquely immersive experience that will help you become citizens and leaders in an increasingly globalized world. Taught by the renowned expert in distress investing, Dr. Fernando Diz, students will learn from the best.

Dr. Diz is the Martin J. Whitman Professor of Finance and director of the Ballentine Investment Institute at Syracuse University. He also serves as managing director of the Orange Value Fund, LLC. Dr. Diz’s areas of research interest include value, control, and distress investing and financial distress, as well as investment banking, credit analysis, and hedge funds.

Madden in Chennai, India

Information Systems majors will have the opportunity to explore the culture of India, while studying at Loyola College’s Chennai campus for a J-Mester course. Banding together with BNY Mellon, you will develop an international understanding and appreciation of how foreign information systems businesses operate, that will be applicable to your future success.

Madden in Chicago

Marketing majors will travel to the great city of Chicago to learn from the United States’ largest beer importer, Constellation Brands. Taught during the May-mester, students will stay on Loyola University’s Chicago campus while participating in day-to-day activities with Constellation Brands. Dr. Dipankar Rai will instruct students, as they experience everything Chicago has to offer together.

Dr. Rai is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Le Moyne College’s Madden School of Business. His courses range from Advertising to Marketing Analytics, Marketing Management to Digital Marketing. Dr. Rai received his MBA from SUNY Binghamton in 2009. He then went on for his Ph.D. in Marketing. He received his Ph.D. from SUNY Binghamton in 2014. In addition to his duties as an Assistant Professor, Dr. Dipankar Rai is also the director of the Hetterich Center for Global Engagement and Impact.

Madden in NY

Finance and Analytics majors will navigate the New York City streets while taking on Distress Investing for their May-mester course. Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus provides an atmosphere that is perfectly immersive from both financial and cultural standpoints. While students will learn the importance of having a ubiquitous perspective on the world of finance, they will also gain exposure to what it is like in the continuously fast-paced environment that New York City is famous for. This weeklong seminar features legendary investment advisor Martin J. Whitman, noted author and finance professor Fernando Diz, and Jim Joseph, dean of the Madden School of Business and former CEO of Oneida LTD.