A Global Approach to Jesuit Education

Today’s business world is global. Many Madden students will, at some point, do business internationally either through an international assignment or working with international customers. The Madden programs at Le Moyne College offer optional opportunities for short-term courses, normally one week in length, that are held in overseas locations where students gain exposure to both international businesses and cultures. Some of the locations are below.

Scotland, United Kingdom

"Your experience in the classroom is radically different than tangible life experiences. My trip abroad opened my eyes to life beyond the Le Moyne campus, Upstate NY, the United States and further. You truly develop a deeper appreciation for different cultures." Melissa Furminger

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. Warsaw, Poland

“I talked about my experiences on a job interview when asked the question “Tell me something about yourself that is not on your resume?” I described the networking opportunities not necessarily with the people we met at companies in Poland but with the MBA students around me.” -Brigid St. Leger

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. Beijing, China

Spend a week in one of the world’s most dynamic cities while studying at the Beijing Center. Madden MBA students can take advantage of a Finance elective course while learning about the culture of China.

Madden in New York

Study, network and explore in one of the globe's most dynamic cities.  Travel to this financial capital to learn firsthand about topics impacting the industry, including distress investing, modern security analysis, and cross cultural business transactions. This immersive, mission-oriented experience prepares students to launch their careers in an era in which increased mobility and communication  have made the world more interconnected than ever before.