Welcome to the Woodstock Business Conference

The Woodstock Business Conference (WBC) is an international network of sixteen local chapters, whose members gather monthly to engage in a process of reflection on current topics of ethical concern. The Conference encourages these business and professional leaders to integrate faith, family, and business by incorporating their religious values into the policies and practices of their corporations. Ultimately, WBC aims to develop a corporate culture that is reflective of the religious faith and values of its members. 

There are thirteen national WBC Chapters and three international WBC chapters, most of which are hosted by either higher education institutions or Catholic parish centers.

The WBC distributes resources for local chapters, including monthly agendas and online books on process and moral decision making. Regular conference calls of the WBC chapter coordinators make Woodstock’s intellectual resources available to them, and coordinate their sharing of best practices for managing the WBC chapters. The annual WBC retreat brings together business people, their spouses, and other interested persons from WBC chapters around the country.

A long-term goal of the Woodstock Business Conference is to provide an ongoing venue for sharing the fruits of the Arrupe Program’s research, theological symposia, and Business Leaders Seminars with business people around the country.

Development, Values, and the Meaning of Globalization: A Grassroots Approach

This book was born out of the hope that Jesuits around the world could build a network based on shared experience of the plight of poor people caught in the throes of economic globalization.

Download book (pdf)
Woodstock Business Conference Process Book

The WBC Process Book is designed for persons interested in starting or coordinating a local WBC Chapter. It offers an in-depth explanation of the dynamic at the heart of every WBC Chapter meeting: theological reflection on the real-world business experiences of the chapter members. It also includes practical guidance for coordinating the work of the Chapter.

Introduction (PDF)
The Woodstock Process (PDF)
Some Basic Operations and Guideposts (PDF)
What Difference Does Religious Faith Make? (PDF)
Index of Topics for Discussion at WBC Chapter Meetings (PDF)
Woodstock Business Conference Formation Book

The WBC Formation Book is a more concise text designed for individual WBC Chapter members. It includes:

Overview of the WBC's Mission, History, and Process (PDF)
Twelve Topics for Discussion During WBC Chapter Meetings (PDF)
Woodstock Business Conference Moral Decision Making Book

The WBC Moral Decision-Making Book offers a course of readings and exercises designed to promote moral understanding, deciding, and acting by coming to grips with our successful (and sometimes less than successful) acts of understanding and deciding in everyday business life.

A Course in Moral Decision-Making (PDF)
Topics for Reflection (PDF)