The Madden School of Business at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New YorkWelcome to the
Madden School of Business
Madden Mentors

Madden’s Mentor Program unites junior and senior business students with accomplished professionals to bring real-world experience to the planning and decisions students will make as they consider what’s next after Le Moyne.

Each year, more than 100 senior-level executives share their time, experience and talents with Madden students. The list of mentors is impressive and includes chief executive officers, presidents, chief financial officers, senior vice presidents, and business owners from almost every sector of business and from many of America’s most well-known companies. Students are paired with a mentor based on their major and career interest so that they will have a real guide into the area of business they are pursuing. Mentors begin working with students in their junior year and continue with them into their senior year - and often beyond.

Mentors serve as role models, sounding boards, advisors and teachers as students choose a major and begin planning for their careers. As the job search begins, mentors act as advocates, helping with internships, references and résumés, as well as in preparing for interviews. All the while, mentors serve as life coaches - challenging and inspiring students to maximize their potential at Le Moyne and beyond. In short, they change lives.