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McDevitt-Core Professorship
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The McDevitt-Core Professorship is a collaboration of the McDevitt Center and the Core Curriculum.  In three-year intervals, The McDevitt Core Professorship will be awarded to a full-time, tenured member of the Le Moyne faculty who will design a Core 400 course and a series of public lectures, programs, or other events and connected to this courses.  Both the public events and the Core 400 course will engage, from any disciplinary context, the goals of one or more of the endowed McDevitt chairs.  (Endowed McDevitt Chairs are in the fields of Computer Science, Information Systems, Physics, and Religious Philosophy.)

The tenure of the chair will begin in the fall and the course (Core 400m) and lecture series will commence in the following spring semester and be offered in each of five consecutive semesters. The recipient of the McDevitt-Core Professorship will receive generous funds to support the public lectures, a research/course-development stipend, a reduced teaching load of 2/3 (or 3/2), and support from the McDevitt Center in conducting the public events connected with the Core 400m course. S/he will hold the Professorship for 3 years.

Le Moyne Faculty

Application Deadline October 31, 2018

The McDevitt Center, through the Sustaining Earth Initiative announces another round of competition for Sustaining Earth grants to (1) increase awareness of, and engagement with, sustainability issues among faculty and students and (2) increase opportunities for teaching, research, and action connected to sustainability.  Proposals may encompass faculty or mentored undergraduate research in any field of study, the modification of existing courses or development of new courses, bringing visitors/speakers to campus/classes, faculty/student workshops, or other types of action oriented projects designed to promote the sustainable use of Earth’s resources on campus, in Central New York, or even more broadly.  Proposals are especially encouraged that will bring the subject of sustainability into the COR 100 curriculum or otherwise engage students in awareness of sustainable resource use early in their academic experience.  Proposals may focus on activities within the Le Moyne community, but projects that reach out collaboratively to external organizations or institutions are also encouraged.

Proposals may include stipends for course development, for students participating in research (or other) projects under faculty direction, and for other faculty support when clearly justified.

Application Process:

Submit an application describing the goals and specific aims of the project and its relevance to increasing the sustainable use of Earth’s resources, broadly defined.  Identify measurable outcomes for the project, as related to and supported by a timeline for project activities. Identify key project personnel, describe relevant activities or experience, and attach a cv or resume supporting their nominations.  Include a detailed budget for the project, including any stipends requested for faculty or students, other personnel costs, supplies, equipment, travel or other expenses.  All expenses must be thoroughly justified.  Specify all sources other than McDevitt and amounts of funding that have been or will be requested for this project.

A final project report of not less than 750 words must be submitted within 1 month of the end of the project period.

Other Conditions:


The Sustaining Earth Grants program provides two cycles for application and review per Fiscal Year, with the current deadline of October 31. Consideration will be given to no more than two awards to an applicant within three cycles of competition. Individual grants will not exceed $3,500. The total amount allocated for this round of competition is $10,000.  Proposals that identify matching funds from other sources are strongly encouraged. 

Request additional information or submit all materials electronically to: 

Donald A. McCrimmon, Associate Program Director, Sustaining Earth Initiative
ext. 4383
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Le Moyne Funded Research

The McDevitt Center provides funding to Le Moyne faculty and students in support of projects that advance the initiatives of the McDevitt Center or enhance the work of one (or more) of the endowed McDevitt Chairs in Computer Science, Information Systems, Physics, or Religious Philosophy.

Applications are considered as submitted. Each application is reviewed by a specially constituted panel of three faculty members with relevant expertise.  

Awards normally do not exceed $5,000, although larger amounts may be awarded for large-scale and high-impact projects. Funds cannot be distributed to the award recipient.  Rather, the McDevitt Center either directly pays allowed expenses or reimburses for them.  In most instances, funds must be expended within the fiscal year for which they are awarded.

Examples of projects that have received McDevitt Center support include:

·NEH Enduring Questions Grant Proposal—What Does Prayer Do?

·Symposium: Religion and Labor: Moral Vision from/for the Grassroots

·Conference: The Return of the Text

·Conference: Sacred Literature, Secular Religion

·Student Organization: Le Moyne Maker Zone

·Lecture by Dr. George Kalamaras, Poet Laureate of Indiana and professor English at Indiana University

·Teaching American Philosophy: A Website for High School Teachers Sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities

·Musical Performance: “An Orchestral Odyssey


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