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Undergraduate Research Fellows in Natural Science
Undergraduate Studnets in the Research Fellows in the Natural Sciences Program

The McDevitt Center and Father George V. Coyne, McDevitt Chair in Physics, will be continuing our initiative supporting Undergraduate Research Fellows in the Natural Sciences for 2018-2019. This program provides research stipends of $4,000 to as many as 12 undergraduate McDevitt Fellows per year and also supports a monthly research seminar for these Fellows and their faculty sponsors hosted by Father Coyne.

Program Guidelines:

• Open to continuing Le Moyne College students majoring in any of the natural science with a GPA of at least 3.3;
• Candidates must be nominated by a Le Moyne College professor who will serve as their research sponsor and mentor;
• Nominations must include a brief description of the specific research project to be undertaken, the role of the McDevitt Fellow in the research, and expected results (e.g. published paper, conference presentation, etc.);
• Fellows and faculty sponsors will attend a monthly research seminar/lunch hosted by Father Coyne;
• Fellows will engage in hands-on laboratory or field research with their faculty sponsor (at least some of this research must take place during the academic year but it may continue into the summer following the academic year);
• Fellows and advisors will submit joint reports on research progress to Father Coyne and to the Director of the McDevitt Center at the close of each semester and the summer research period;
• Fellows will present their work at Le Moyne’s Scholar’s Day and, where appropriate, at a professional conference or other professional venue;
• Fellows and their faculty sponsors will appropriately acknowledge the support of the McDevitt Chair in Physics and the McDevitt Center in any published work stemming from the supported research.

For more information about the Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Natural Science, please contact the McDevitt Center at 

IS Fellows

McDevitt Information Systems (IS) Research Fellows work closely with the McDevitt Distinguished Chair in IS, Dr. Grabowski while conducting hands-on research in Information Systems, either on campus at Le Moyne or in the field. Graduated McDevitt IS Research Fellow JP Rancy and Former 2017-18 IS Research Fellow, Ayuen Gai, also serve as mentors to the new Fellows. Fellows and their mentors participate in MIS 495/795, a Research Methods course with bi-monthly research seminars led by the McDevitt Distinguished Chair in Information Systems; in the seminar, Fellows present their research, collaborate on their findings, and discuss their progress. McDevitt IS Research Fellows also share their knowledge, skills and abilities with the wider community and represent the College on- and off-campus.

The research projects and the McDevitt IS Research Fellows pursuing the projects in 2018-2019 include:

 Unmanned Aerial Systems/Real Tim Location Systems in Infrastructure-Poor (Jakub Kulakowski)
 Large Scale Heterogenous Data Analysis, Visualization-Wencor (Jaqueline Greer, Necdet Gurkan and Ayuen Gai, Mentor)
 Health IS Systems ( Mykayla Cleary, Rosangel Garcia, Trevor Thompson), and
 Wearable Immersive Augmented Reality-MITAGS Staten Island Ferry (JP, Mentor)

Eligibility and program guidelines for Undergraduate Research Fellows in Information Systems vary each year based on the needs of the program. For more information, please contact Dr. Martha Grabowski, McDevitt Distinguished Chair in Information Systems (

Le Moyne College Students

McDevitt Undergraduate Research Fellows in Computer Science serve as facilitators for the Girls Coding Club at Jamesville/Dewitt High School—and after school club for high school and middle school girls to learn programming in a safe environment. Their role includes teaching lessons on programming and serving as mentors. The main part of their role is to organize activities that allow participants of various abilities the opportunity to work together to solve problems using programming.  Club participants usually start with little to no experience in programming but work their way up to building simple programs like automated wish lists for Santa, to complicated ones such as ones to control a robot finch.  

The club was started in 2015 and was inspired by the national Girls Who Code organization whose single mission is to close the gender gap in technology.   

For more information about the Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Computer Science, please contact Dr. Aparna Das, Associate McDevitt Chair in Computer Science (

Summer Internship Student

The McDevitt Summer Internship and Research Grant program offers grants in the amount of $3,000 to up to twenty Le Moyne students. Two of the most valuable advantages of this opportunity is (1) these grants make it financially viable for students to accept unpaid internships or paid internships that involve high costs and (2) students who are accepted into the program gain valuable professional experience and/or conduct hands on research in the field or lab at Le Moyne College or other research institutions. 


1. Open to continuing Le Moyne students who are majoring or minoring in either Computer Science, Management/Information Systems, Philosophy, Physics, or Religious Studies.
2. Internship grant applicants must secure high-impact unpaid internships or paid internships that involve exceptional expense for the students (e.g., involve unreimbursed travel, are located in areas with high costs of living, etc.).
3. Research grant applicants must secure hands-on laboratory or field research opportunities at Le Moyne or other research institutions.

Applications for the 2019 summer grant program are available below. You can also stop by the McDevitt Center and ask for an application or email us at ( for more information about the McDevitt Summer Internship or Research Program. Applications are due no later than Friday, April 5th, 2019.

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Manresa Program

Your college career begins with a lot of questions: What are my talents?  What are my career goals? Who am I as a person? Through the Manresa Program, students begin answering those questions as soon as they set foot on campus.  Never alone, they go on a journey of personal, professional and spiritual growth with a diverse set of faculty, staff, administrators and peers. While all bring a different set of experiences and challenges, all help one another more fully answer the enduring life question: What is my role in this world, and how can I best fulfill it?

Manresa is a part of everything that you’ll do at Le Moyne.  As a fellow, you’ll participate each year in seminars, giving you the opportunity to work with a mentor in small groups and uncover your passions, your personal traits, and career paths that best suit your unique gifts.  You are guaranteed an internship placement, career counselling, and thorough job interview practice. You’ll also learn in specifically designated Core and interdisciplinary courses related to your progress in the program, participate in many co-curricular activities involving the community, join service-learning programs, and be invited to Manresa specific lectures and workshops throughout the year.

Become You Spring 2018 Application