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Educators shape lives. Le Moyne shapes educators. With classes led by outstanding, experienced educators, an abundance of opportunities to gain hands-on experience in urban, rural and suburban classrooms, and a deep commitment to the Jesuit ideal of service, Le Moyne’s graduate program in education is widely recognized as one of the best in the Northeast. Educators and school administrators trained at Le Moyne are known for their tremendous skill and professionalism, of course. But more importantly, they are widely recognized for their desire to serve their schools and, by extension, their communities. They put thought and care not just into what they are doing, but why, and that distinction makes them among the most sought-after educators, locally and nationally.

Graduate and Undergraduate Program Goals
1. Our candidates demonstrate a deep understanding of, and enduring inquisitiveness about, the critical concepts and principles of knowledge claims in subject matter disciplines and the field of education.
2. Our candidates engage in purposeful professional learning. They use evidence and adapt their expertise to continually evaluate their pedagogical and specialized practices and the effects of their choices/actions on others.
3. Our candidates model care for the whole person through empathy, compassion and respectful interaction for all and work towards social transformation in the Jesuit tradition.

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Our Programs
The Master of Science in Education I (M.S.Ed.)
The Master of Science in Education I (M.S.Ed.) is designed for students who are initially certified and seeking professional certification in the same field. This program will extend and increase the competence of the graduate teacher in education, provide effective preparation for the specialized teacher and establish a foundation for continued research and study in education throughout the career of a teacher. Program Details

The Master of Science in Education II (M.S.Ed.) is designed for students who are initially certified but are seeking professional certification in a different certification area. This degree program will fulfill one of the requirements for professional certification in the following areas: childhood education, adolescent education and special education.  Program Details

The Master of Science for Teachers (M.S.T) is designed for students who have completed baccalaureate degrees, but who did not pursue teacher education as an undergraduate student. For these graduate students, the M.S.T. will provide both a preservice teacher competency program and a graduate level program leading to in-service teacher proficiency. Program Details

The Educational Leadership programs focus on preparing quality school leaders. It is the goal of the Le Moyne program to prepare educational leaders who not only have the skills and competencies necessary for demanding professional positions, but have caring and compassion to ensure that all children receive an excellent education. Le Moyne College offers three programs that lead to certification in: School Building Leadership (SBL), School District Leadership (SDL) and School District Business Leadership (SDBL). Program Details.

Student Learning Outcomes
Outcome 1 - Our candidates will demonstrate and refine professional knowledge and strategic decision making skills necessary to lead educational institutions.
Outcome 2 - Our candidates are ethical, caring leaders in the Jesuit tradition who recognize, develop and demonstrate unconditional acceptance of all members of the school community.
Outcome 3 - Our candidates possess and apply effective human relations skills that build partnerships with diverse individuals and organizations.
Outcome 4 - Our candidates model and apply effective professional and personal self-reflection in an effort to continually refine their practice.

See 2014-2015 certification assessment performance data

The Department of Education in the Purcell School of Professional Studies is offering a new joint MBA/School District Business Leadership program with the Madden School of Business which leads to New York State certification. Students take a total of 33 credits for the MBA program and 30 credits for the CAS in School District Business Leadership. This program is offered onsite in Watertown, NY, with executive capstone seminars at Le Moyne College. A traditional MBA for those interested in a career change to business or professional development in their current business or management setting will also be offered. 

For more information regarding our graduation rate, median loan debt, and other important information, please visit:
School Building Leadership Gainful Employment Disclosure
School District Business Leader Gainful Employment Disclosure
School District Leadership Gainful Employment Disclosure

Contact information:
Maureen Patterson, Ed.D., Interim Director of Educational Leadership Programs
Reilly Hall 101
Le Moyne College
1419 Salt Springs Road
Syracuse, NY  13214
The Department of Education collaborates with several arts and sciences departments at Le Moyne to prepare teachers who will address the needs of all children. Le Moyne teacher candidates address state learning standards through effective pedagogy and also attend to the social and political demands of public and private education in the world. The department administers New York state approved certification programs.

Le Moyne students interested in becoming a New York state certified teacher must select a major from the numerous Le Moyne disciplines complementary to the area of teacher certification. The major requirements are coordinated with the rigorous teacher preparation program. There are a number of state approved programs for initial certification offered. Learn more
This individualized program will be based on assessment of the applicant's competencies and career goals. The program is 30 credits; it has 3 classes that are required; technology course, research methods (EDG680) and master's project (EDG690). For the remaining 21 credits students have the option to choose courses that fit their individualized career goals. For example students may choose courses from our Higher Education Leadership Certificate Program and/or Adult Education Certificate.  Program Details
Stories From Le Moyne
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. U.S. Department of Education Fellowship

Le Moyne alumna Emily Senko Davis '03 spent a year as a Washington Fellow at the U.S. Department of Education. She was just one of three teachers nationwide to receive the honor.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. Building Hope By Building a School

Gabriel Bol Deng is truly a teacher at heart. He also loves to learn. The Le Moyne alumnus recently provided the children in his native village in the Republic of South Sudan with an opportunity they didn't think they'd have - to learn in a school of their own.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. Lessons From Africa in an American School

Andrew Calswewood, a graduate of Le Moyne's Master of Science for Teachers program, recently traveled to the African nation of Namibia as part of a program called Earth Expeditions. He is using what he learned there to teach his students in Liverpool, N.Y., about ecology and conservation.

Future Leaders

Higher Education Leadership Graduate Certificate

Hear some of our students talk about their experience in Le Moyne's Higher Education Leadership Graduate Certificate Program. This program is designed to provide academic preparation and professional development for individuals who want to work in, or who are already working in, positions of higher education administration and leadership in colleges, universities, community colleges.

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Department of Education
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1419 Salt Springs Road,
Syracuse, NY 13214