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    Le Moyne College is pleased to welcome these students into our graduate program in Arts Administration.

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    Current Students

    Nicole Assimon

    Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Communications, St. Bonaventure University

    "I chose Arts Administration because the classes and tools I will learn will be a huge asset in my career."

    Shelby Bull

    Undergraduate Degree: BA in History, Le Moyne College

    "I am hoping to learn more about the inner workings of arts organizations in order to be able to help run an historical museum one day. I love sharing my knowledge of history with anyone who is willing to listen, and would love to make a successful career out if it."

    Anne-Margaret Childress

    Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Commerce, Niagara University

    "I want to pursue Arts Administration to strengthen and diversify my educational background for teaching opportunities"

    Meg Gregory
    Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Studio Art, William Smith College

    "I am an art teacher in elementary education and am looking forward to the challenge of a new career in Arts Administration."

    Christine Liggio

    Undergraduate Degree: BA in International Business, Ithaca College

    "I am pursuing the arts administration graduate certificate to combine my passion for the visual and performing arts within the context of a higher education setting."

    Brooke Merrifield
    Undergraduate Degree: BA in Communications, Le Moyne College

    "I have always loved the theatre and arts. I have always wanted to find a way to incorporate them into my day-to-day life. My hopes are that this degree will lead to a job in the arts field."

    Seth Montpelier

    Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Political Science, Le Moyne College

    "I would like to apply what I've learned in political science to a career in museum or festival administration"

    Crystal Simmons 

    Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Communications, Le Moyne College
    "I am looking to expand my knowledge of the arts world" 

    David Clarke Smith

    Undergraduate Degree: M.F.A in Studio Art with minors in Arts Management and Art History, Cazenovia College

    "As an artist, I hope to gain greater insight into the business side of art. As a veteran, working towards a next career, I hope to also open more opportunities in general."
    Alicia Suskin
    Undergraduate Degree: BA in Art History, Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Leadership, University of Central Florida and University of Florida 
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    "I have always been passionate about the arts, and how art can serve as a social change agent. Growing up, I was a dancer, participated in school band and theatre, and had a deep interest in photography. Currently, I am working as a project manager for ProLiteracy Worldwide, but in my spare time I contribute my skills and passion to area arts organizations. I am hoping this degree, combined with my nonprofit experience, will lead me down the path of eventually working in a museum, performing arts center, or other arts nonprofit, so that I am able to combine my professional experience with my passion."
    Ayanna Tyler
    Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Music, Claflin University
    "I'm pursuing Arts Administration because I have an undeniable love for the arts, but also because Arts Administration will allow me to acquire a set of skills that can be applicable in in multiple careers."
    Marisa Valent
    Undergraduate Degree: BA in Spanish and Theatre, Le Moyne College

    "I loved all the artistic knowledge I gained from Le Moyne's Theatre Arts B.A. program, and I am looking forward to expanding my theatrical knowledge on the business side through this degree."
    Ceylan Yildiz

    Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Finance, Le Moyne College

    "I chose to pursue my Master's in arts administration to combine my knowledge in the field of finance with my passion for music. I always knew I wanted to have a career in the arts industry, but was unsure of how to make the leap from the for-profit to non-profit sector. Once completing my degree at Le Moyne College, I hope to serve as a catalyst for change in how non-profit organizations are viewed in today's society through development and engagement."



    Sarah Anson, M.S. '17

    Current Position: Arts Leadership Fellow; Arts in Education Coordinator at CNY Arts 

    Jessica Bush, M.S. '16

    Current Position: Box Office Manager at Barrington Stage Company 

    Meghan Dillon, M.S. '18

    Current Position: Assistant to the Producing Artistic Director at Fingerlakes Musical Theatre Festival

    Maggie Goss, M.S. '18

    Current Position: Administrative Assistant, Provost's Office at Le Moyne College 

    Kimberly Grader M.S. '17

    Current Position: Production Coordinator at American High Films 

    Christine Grayton, M.S. '16

    Current Position: Digital Media Coordinator at The Boch Center

    Brittany Juravich, M.S. '18

    Current Position: Office Coordinator at Rosemond Gifford Lecture Series

    Sarah Pinsky, M.S. '18

    Current Position: Director of Audience Services at Fingerlakes Musical Theatre Festival

    Vern Rink, M.S. '17

    Current Position: Prospect Research/Donor Stewardship Manager at the Rochester Museum & Science Center 

    Kahlil Russell-Starks, M.S. '16

    Current Position: Director of Development and Partnerships at the Urban Assembly School for the Performing Arts 

    Tamar Smithers, M.S. '18

    Current Position: Director of Education at the Community Art Folk Center

    Bradley Stone, M.S. '18

    Current Position: Development Officer at the Syracuse Ballet 

    Benjamin Verdi, M.S. '17

    Current Position: Development Fellow at Emerging Leaders in the Arts Fellowship, CNY Arts

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