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    Le Moyne College is pleased to welcome these students into our graduate program in Arts Administration.

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    Current Students

    Shelby Bull
    Undergraduate Degree: BA in History, Le Moyne College

    "I am hoping to learn more about the inner workings of arts organizations in order to be able to help run an historical museum one day. I love sharing my knowledge of history with anyone who is willing to listen, and would love to make a successful career out if it."
    Maggie Goss
    Undergraduate Degree: BS in Theatre Arts Management, Ithaca College

    "I am pursuing my graduate degree in arts administration because of a desire to grow both personally and professionally. Having a master's will not only open up doors in my career but it has already made me a stronger and better person. It has reminded me that the arts have the ability to transform people's hearts and minds and that its presence is especially critical in our world today."

    Julia Hanson
    Undergraduate Degree: BS in Visual Art Education, SUNY Buffalo State College

    "I am pursuing a graduate arts administration degree to better understand the arts world and to better service my students and the community."

    Daniel Isgar
    Undergraduate Degree: BM in Composition with Trombone Performance concentration, SUNY Fredonia

    "I am interested in exploring the business side of the arts. As a composer, I've been deeply involved with the artistic aspect, and I felt it was time to explore a different avenue in the arts. Long-term, I'm interested in working for a not-for-profit music festival, combining administrative tasks with the skills I already have as a composer and musician."
    Brittany Juravich
    Undergraduate Degree: BFA in Photography, Cazenovia College
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    "I completed an arts management minor in my undergraduate studies as well an arts administration internship with the Center for Photography at Woodstock. I loved my internship because of the behind the scenes work that made everything come together and the personal connections that were made with artists and community members. This fueled my passion for not-for-profit work within the art field, and I'm eager to pursue my arts administration degree to be able to work as an administrator or educator within an arts organization."

    Christine Liggio
    Undergraduate Degree: BA in International Business, Ithaca College

    "I am pursuing the arts administration graduate certificate to combine my passion for the visual and performing arts within the context of a higher education setting."

    Patricia Mason
    Undergraduate Degree: BA in English, Le Moyne College
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    "I have been in love with every form of theater from the time I was first able to tap dance in front of the TV for my mother and father. It has been many years since that first tap dance, but once theater gets into your blood, it is there forever. While pursuing my masters, I am hoping to implement some of the ideas presented to me into my day to day association with the Wilson Art Gallery and freshen its presence on the Le Moyne College campus. After obtaining my masters, I would like to secure a position working for a museum or theatrical company."

    Brooke Merrifield
    Undergraduate Degree: BA in Communications, Le Moyne College
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    "I have always loved the theatre and arts. I have always wanted to find a way to incorporate them into my day-to-day life. My hopes are that this degree will lead to a job in the arts field."

    Sarah Pinsky
    Undergraduate Degree: BA in Anthropology, Seton Hall University

    "I am pursuing a graduate degree in arts administration because I am passionate about the arts and my ultimate career goal is to be able to work in the music industry.  I believe that this program will provide me with the necessary skills and resources to advance my position in this field both personally and professionally."

    Bradley Stone
    Undergraduate Degree: BA in Performing Arts, Saint Mary's College of California
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    "My passion for the arts began as a young girl while training in dance and performing in musical theater productions throughout the Central New York community. I recently moved back to the area after performing professionally on Broadway, tours and regionally across the country for 15 years. My extensive experience as a performer has opened my eyes to the many possibilities of involvement as a contributor and supporter of the arts. Upon completion of my M.S. in Arts Administration at Le Moyne College, I hope to draw upon both my academic and performance experiences to continue to share my passion for the arts with others and hopefully inspire a new generation of arts enthusiasts."

    Alicia Suskin
    Undergraduate Degree: BA in Art History, Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Leadership, University of Central Florida and University of Florida 
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    "I have always been passionate about the arts, and how art can serve as a social change agent. Growing up, I was a dancer, participated in school band and theatre, and had a deep interest in photography. Currently, I am working as a project manager for ProLiteracy Worldwide, but in my spare time I contribute my skills and passion to area arts organizations. I am hoping this degree, combined with my nonprofit experience, will lead me down the path of eventually working in a museum, performing arts center, or other arts nonprofit, so that I am able to combine my professional experience with my passion."

    Marisa Valent
    Undergraduate Degree: BA in Spanish and Theatre, Le Moyne College

    "I loved all the artistic knowledge I gained from Le Moyne's Theatre Arts B.A. program, and I am looking forward to expanding my theatrical knowledge on the business side through this degree."

    Ceylan Yildiz
    Undergraduate Degree: BS in Finance, Le Moyne College
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    "I chose to pursue my Master's Degree in arts administration to combine my knowledge in the field of finance with my passion for music. I always knew I wanted to have a career in the arts industry, but was unsure of how to make the leap from the for-profit to nonprofit sector. Once completing my degree at Le Moyne College, I hope to serve as a catalyst for change in how nonprofit organizations are viewed in today's society through development and engagement."




    Betiea Bowens
    Undergraduate Degree: BA in Communications/Film, Theater Arts Minor in Acting, Howard University

    "I have been working in the field of creative and theater arts for most of my life. I have a passion for creating meaningful art that speaks to the hearts of those individuals in my community. The arts have always been a healing element, and without art our society cannot thrive."

    Deborah Cramer
    Undergraduate Degree: BFA in Surface Pattern Design, Syracuse University
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    "I am pursuing a graduate degree in arts administration to allow me to continue my passion for the arts from a managerial position. I feel I can bring my years of experience and education to an organization and assist them with their mission and future success."

    Meghan Dillon
    Undergraduate Degree: BA in Communications Studies, Cazenovia College
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    "I have always had a passion for all things creative. Having participated both on stage and behind the scenes in theater since a young age, I always knew that the arts was where I belonged. I spent my undergraduate years learning about various forms of the arts outside of theater as well. I have internship experience both with the theater manager of Catherine Cummings Theater and Symphoria. In pursuing an arts administration degree, I hope to further my knowledge of the arts and to open as many doors as possible into the entertainment world, which is where I hope to spend the rest of my life." 

    Laniesha Dotson
    Undergraduate Degree: BA in Communications, Le Moyne College
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    "I am pursuing my graduate degree in the arts administration due to my experience in the arts administration minor, also at Le Moyne College. I enjoyed the courses and the internships that I participated in, and I want to have a better understanding of the field. I also want to become qualified to apply for marketing positions in non-profit organizations."
    Naomi Masingale
    Undergraduate Degree: BFA Communications Design/Illustration, Pratt Institute

    "Although I am an art student, I have always had a dual focus of both the arts and sciences. My goal is to bridge the gap between the two in the masters program. In my experiences as an artist I have found that my skills in creating the artwork were there, but I did not have the skills required to promote the work. The skills learned in the program will be good to have if I intend to work with artists, scientists, or any group I choose to collaborate with in the future."
    Andrew Miledonis
    Undergraduate Degree: BA in History and Political Science, Le Moyne College

    "Since I was in elementary school, I have been involved in the arts by playing the trombone. Throughout my school years, I was a member of concert band, jazz band, and marching band. From the age of seven years old, I continue to volunteer at my church festival, which is the St. Sophia's Greek Cultural festival. With my undergraduate degree in History and Political Science, I hope to learn more about the administrative side of the arts, and have a better understanding of how it works, and eventually work in the not-for-profit sector."
    Sarah Rauscher
    Undergraduate Degree: BA in Theater, Le Moyne College
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    "I've always loved theater and the places and opportunities that my theater degree has taken me - the places I've lived and the people I've met. I wanted to use my theater degree in a management setting and possibly own a theater, or get involved in fundraising and grant writing. The arts are so important for our future and society, and I want to foster my love of theater in other people, and help the arts community in any way I can."
    Vern Rink
    Undergraduate Degree: BFA in Studio Art, Cazenovia College

    "I am pursuing a Master's Degree in Arts Administration to gain a better understanding of how to manage a cultural institution or museum. After working as the Exhibit Technician at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, NY, I realized that the cutlural sector was for me, but that I was in need of more development. I decided to further my career and education in Arts Administration at Le Moyne."
    Tamar Smithers
    Undergraduate Degree: BFA in Acting, Syracuse University
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    "I am currently a full-time arts administrator, and pursuing a graduate degree in arts administration was the next logical step for me. I wanted a degree that would assist me in further developing the skills I was currently utilizing. My schedule is very tight, and Le Moyne's program is perfect because it allows me to take classes and continue to work full time. As a performing artist myself, I know the value that the arts bring into people's lives, and I want to be able to assist in bringing the arts into my community."
    Benjamin Verdi
    Undergraduate Degree: BA in History with Integral Honors, Le Moyne College
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    "I want to have a career in museum work but also incorporate my past academic experiences with my career. Being in the Arts Administration program at Le Moyne will allow me to do that since the faculty and staff have incorporated their past experiences into their courses. Having studied History, Film and Music for my undergraduate career, I have the confidence this program will help me incorporate those degrees into my future work."

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