FNP Conditional Admission (for those without a BS in Nursing)

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Students who have a bachelor's degree in a field other than nursing and hold a valid NYS RN license are encouraged to take advantage of our FNP Conditional Admission option. Here, you will apply to the FNP program and interview as any other FNP candidate would.

If accepted, you will be required to complete some prerequisite coursework. Upon successful completion of those courses you will have earned a spot in the FNP program.

You can complete your prerequisites on a part-time basis, either through credit-bearing courses offered online, in the evenings on campus, or through a combination of coursework and transfer credits, and you will be prepared for graduate-level study at Le Moyne. 

Nursing Student in Class

The committee will review your transcripts to see how many prerequisites may be required before you begin the FNP curriculum.

There are a maximum of six prerequisites (completed through Le Moyne) required.

A personalized assessment of your coursework will be done after the admission interview to assist in your planning. Students may be waived out of certain prerequisites from this list based on their previous college coursework:

• MTH 110: Introduction to Statistics (3 cr.)
• NSG 315: Health Assessment (3 cr.)
• BSC 345: Pathophysiology (3 cr.)
• NSG 350: Research in Nursing (3 cr.)
• NSG 410: Management and Leadership in Nursing (3 cr.)
• NSG 440: Community Health (3 cr.)

Le Moyne Nursing Student

Students interested in Conditional Admission to the FNP Program will apply to the FNP program as any other applicant would. A interviewed will be required for full consideration before the start of prerequisite coursework.

There is no fee to apply and no entrance exam required (ex. GRE). Student will be required to submit official transcripts, references and supplemental materials as outlined on the admission website here.

Questions may be directed to the Office of Graduate Admission at GradAdmission@lemoyne.edu

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