RN to MS Prerequisites

The Post-Baccalaureate RN to MS prerequisites are designed for the registered nurse (RN) who has a bachelor's degree in a field other than nursing. The completion of these prerequisites prepares you for eligibility to continue your education in the Master of Science program in nursing at Le Moyne College. 

Complete just five prerequisites on a part-time basis, either through credit-bearing courses offered online, in the evenings on campus, or through a combination of coursework and transfer credits, and you will be prepared for graduate-level study in one of the tracks in nursing education, nursing administration, or Family Nurse Practitioner. 

Prerequisite Courses

The following five undergraduate courses are required: 
• MTH 110: Introduction to Statistics (3 cr.)
• NSG 315: Health Assessment (3 cr.)
• BSC 345: Pathophysiology (3 cr.)
• NSG 350: Research in Nursing (3 cr.)
• NSG 475: Transition to Advanced Nursing Practice (4 cr.); a comprehensive bridge course, which includes bachelor's-level nursing content foundational to graduate-level study.

Students may transfer in two equivalent courses of the five courses listed above (with a grade of C or better), but at least three courses must be taken at Le Moyne College in order to complete the prerequisites successfully. There is no time limit for courses used for transfer. Students must achieve a minimum grade of C in each course to fulfill the prerequisites for application to one of the master's programs. 

Application Process

• Complete the short application form

• Submit an unofficial transcript from schools you attended for your basic nursing education (associate degree or diploma), your bachelor's degree, and any college(s) where you earned credits that may potentially transfer to meet the prerequisites listed above. 

• Send these application materials to the Center for Continuing Education at the address indicated on the application form. 


For more information and to speak with an advisor, please contact the Le Moyne College Center for Continuing Education at (315) 445-4141 or ceinfo@lemoyne.edu. For more information about the Master of Science program in nursing, please contact the Office of Graduate Admission at (315) 445-5444 or gradnursing@lemoyne.edu