Magis is not simply an outcome. It's a way of living.

The Jesuit spirit of Magis - of doing and becoming more - is woven into everything we do. It is that special place where your talents and aspirations meet the world's needs.


What is the Magis Program?

Magis is a program within the Department of Physician Assistant Studies that provides students with resources they will need to become competent, caring and ethical clinicians. It is rooted in our shared Jesuit mission – and our commitment to promoting excellence in patient care. It is our hope that, as a participant in this program, you will enhance your medical knowledge, clinical skills and professionalism.

Magis focuses on the following areas:

• Health and Wellness
• Professionalism
• Medical Knowledge
• Clinical Reasoning
• Time Management and Organization
• Enrichment 


How does Magis work?

Each student in the Magis Program is an individual. With that in mind, the program begins with a comprehensive evaluation to identify your strengths as an aspiring physician assistant as well as areas where there is room for growth.

You will be part of a team comprised of clinical and nonclinical specialists committed to your growth and development as a physician assistant. The Magis Program is not punitive. It is meant to enrich your experience in the classroom, the lab, the clinic, and to support you in meeting your full potential.


Who may participate?

Students may volunteer to participate in the program or may be recommended by a faculty member based upon their class performance.

For More Information:

Call (315) 445-4745 or e-mail [email protected].