Mark R. Ciaralli, CPA, CFE

LeMoyne taught me how to be a professional and how to stay organized in the business world.  I learned how to be committed to meeting deadlines and work with a team.  The chair of the accounting department at the time (Dr. Joan Myers) taught me to involve and motivate other classmates during group projects and urged me to lead by example.

I was hired as a staff accountant at the firm where I am currently a partner, Grossman St. Amour, CPAs, located in Syracuse, New York.

Along with my parents, my college career at Le Moyne instilled strong values and showed me the importance of ethical behavior.  The liberal arts education provided to me allowed me to understand more about people who were different from me and expanded my worldview.  As a result, my social skills developed significantly and have helped me establish a number of important relationships, both personally and professionally.

Anthony Abbound, CPA


An education from Le Moyne provides the entire package. It not only technically prepares you for the workforce, but also for life in general. My accounting courses taught me how to perform my job well. However, the required liberal arts courses, as well as the connections I made through Le Moyne, have assisted me in both my professional and personal life. My current interests in volunteering with various organizations, meeting new people and continually networking throughout the community all started with my education at Le Moyne and has enhanced my career considerably.

An accounting degree provides endless possibilities post-graduation. CPA firms are taking on more and more roles in servicing their clients allowing them to perform as complete business advisors. In addition, some of those who started public accounting with me are now CFOs or CEOs of large companies, or followed a different direction entirely and now work with the FBI, with the state as a trooper, or obtained their law degree. The options are endless once you obtain your accounting degree, and the need is only growing. The number of students who are graduating from Le Moyne with a job already in place speaks for itself.

The profession is quickly evolving. When I first graduated with my accounting degree, many of my peers went directly into public accounting and were prepared to provide all services offered to clients. Now, the services provided by CPA firms goes well beyond just audit and tax. As such, specializing in an area is a need, not a want. The opportunity to specialize in advance will only enhance your opportunitiesfor employment and prepare you for the direction you choose to start your career.

After graduating, I accepted a staff position with Firley, Moran, Freer & Eassa, CPA, P.C., located in Syracuse, New York. I have continued my entire career with FMFE and am now an Audit Partner with the firm.