Le Moyne College Alumni, Parents and Friends are invited to join The DolphinsCAN – Career Advisory Network.

When it comes to launching a career, information and guidance from those having first-hand, related experience is invaluable. That is why we created DolphinsCAN- to connect current students and recent graduates with experienced professionals in diverse careers, industries and job markets. The College of Arts and Sciences and the Board of Regents, in collaboration with the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement and the Office of Career Advising and Development are pleased to offer the newly established DolphinsCAN Program.

DolphinsCAN – Alumni & Friends Mentors

A great way to live by the Jesuit maxim is being a DolphinsCAN Mentor, sharing your career and personal experiences with current Le Moyne students and recent graduates. This generally involves offering career insights and advice, but may also include speaking to student groups, hosting a site visit or sharing job and internship leads, whenever possible.

Students & Alumni Seeking Mentorship

DolphinsCAN is a great resource to learn more about a career field you may be considering, or obtain guidance on entering a field you have decided upon.

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As a DolphinsCAN Mentor you will:
Become a CAN Career Advisor to students & recent alumni seeking mentorship.
A few more details

  • Career Mentors can expect to be contacted on an average of once a month, depending on student needs and interests.
  • Mentoring students is best done in person but can take place via phone or email.
  • Career Mentors may choose to host workplace tours, shadow days or campus group presentations, all contingent upon student interest.
  • Job and internship leads are always welcomed but not required as part of your career advising.

  • Take two minutes now to join the DolphinsCAN Career Advisory Network by completing the brief form here

    Students and Alumni Seeking a DolphinsCAN Mentor

    Hundreds of Le Moyne College Alumni and Friends from a wide variety of career fields and locations have volunteered to be part of DolphinsCAN, Career Advisory Network, working closely with the students at the College of Arts and Sciences.

    DolphinsCAN Mentors work with students and recent graduates on:

  • Advising related to career planning and decision-making.
  • Guidance on entering or advancing in occupations, fields and industries they know. - Networking and Job search advice related to your career field, employer or city of employment interests.

  • A few more details:

  • Mentors meet with students in-person, communicate via phone or email on an average of once per month.
  • Job leads and interviews are always welcomed but should not to be expected from Mentors.
  • Students and alumni seeking referral to DolphinsCAN members are required to submit an introductory email message and resume for review and feedback by the Office of Career Advising and Development.

  • Students and Recent Graduates can complete a DolphinsCAN Referral Request form here.


    If you have questions you’d like answered first, you can contact the Le Moyne College
    Office of Career Advising and Development (315) 445-4185; careers@lemoyne.edu) or Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement (315) 445- 4563 or alumni@lemoyne.edu)