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    May 05, 2021 @12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

    For Love of Alma Mater and Industry: Rise of the McNeil Academy

    On Wednesday, May 5 at noon, the McNeil Academy will present “For Love of Alma Mater and Industry, the Rise of the McNeil Academy Risk Management and Insurance.”

    From cybersecurity challenges to a rapidly changing climate to a global health crisis, risk is everywhere. Register for the event at

    Presenting introductory remarks will be Michael Madden ’71, namesake of the Madden School of Business at Le Moyne, and Dan McNeil III ’71, namesake of the McNeil Academy. Madden is the co-founder and managing partner of BlackEagle Partners, LLC, a private equity firm whose mission is to invest in businesses that can benefit from its operational expertise. McNeill is president of McNeil & Company in Cortland, a provider of insurance programs and risk management services for specialty niche markets nationwide.

    The session will be moderated by Kristen Martin President and COO, Utica National. She will moderate discussion from a panel of experts:
    Bill Barrett ’78, Chair, McNeil Advisory Board
    Frank Marullo, Director, McNeil Academy
    Jingshu Luo, Ph.D., McNeil Assistant Professor, Risk Management and Insurance
    Caitlin Cunningham, Ph.D., Chair, Mathematics
    Joseph Spino, Ph.D., McNeil Assistant Professor, Applied Ethics

    Also presenting will be:
    • Tim Hyle ’01 CFO, Preferred Mutual, speaking on “What is the history of insurance in New York state?
    • Giavonni Lucas ’95, vice president, Nationwide Insurance and president of the Le Moyne Alumni Association, who will talk about “How can I get involved?”

    The McNeil Academy was established at Le Moyne College through a transformational gift from the McNeil family, who are alumni and outstanding supporters of the College. Their vision is to develop and oversee a world-class Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) program that emphasizes the importance of ethics and socially responsible leadership play not only in RMI, but in one’s overall professional and personal life. The McNeil Academy provides students with the opportunity to work closely with faculty, alumni and business partners to gain knowledge and experience in managing risks in today’s increasingly complex world; to understand the educational benefits and career opportunities that come with pursuing a degree or minoring in RMI; and to obtain research and experiential learning opportunities through internships and through opportunities to assist organizations, including nonprofits, with risk management related services.
    Location : Zoom
    Category : Madden Event