The complicated experience of being a caregiver engages us in body, mind and spirit. It can be enriching and depleting, joyful and frustrating, intimate and isolating all at the same time! This class will introduce Zen concepts that can be very useful in supporting a calm, mutually rewarding caregiving experience. Using humor, storytelling and group discussion, this class provides a new take on ancient wisdom as a way to support your caregiving experiences.

Peg Miller, LMSW, is the Internship Coordinator for Syracuse Jewish Family Service and also runs groups for community-dwelling seniors that focus on happiness, health and wellness. In 2013, she retired from Syracuse University School of Social Work after 24 years directing the field instruction program. As a longtime advocate for a holistic approach to well-being, Peg has brought this approach to infant care, foster care, trauma response, supervision and training, and clinical work.

Class is limited to 25 people. Please contact CARE at (315) 445-5445 or for registration information.