Policies and Procedures

Le Moyne College has a documented policy and procedure for the protection of persons involved as subjects of research. The IRB addresses specific categories for proposal review. Le Moyne College students and applicants outside the college need a college sponsor. IRB approval is required before any data collection or the consent process can commence.

In general, the IRB defines three categories of research with human subjects:

  1. Research that is exempt from formal review (requires Form A and Form RO). Form RO is the Research Outline
  2. Research involving no more than minimal risk which can be an expedited review (requires Form B and Form RO)
  3. Research with risk and research involving children, minors, and persons with disabilities which needs formal review (requires Form C and Form RO)

All the required forms can be found in the Forms tab. Please contact the IRB at irb@lemoyne.edu with any questions.


Completed applications include: 
One (1) copy of Form A or B or C with all necessary signatures
All applications must include Form RO and consent form. 
Other components as necessary include:
  • parent consent form
  • school administration consent letter
  • institutional consent letter
  • Recruitment flier(s)
  • samples of surveys or interview questions
  • Education Majors must include Form A, B, or C checklists.
Submitting Your Application
Send all application materials to both IRB chairs as an attachment via email to irb@lemoyne.edu including a scanned copy of the completed Form A/B/C with all required signatures and dates. Unsigned forms will not be accepted.