Brand Definition

As we explore the Le Moyne College brand, let's first define what a brand really is, and what it is not. When you think of a brand in human terms, a brand, like a person, has an essence, a personality and core values. And just as people are more than superficial styles or outward appearances, a brand is more than a logo, a tagline, or a product.

Our Brand

is not a logo: a logo is just a symbol that represents the brand
is not a tagline: a tagline is an expression of the brand
is not a product: a product is a tangible representation of the brand.

Our Brand

is the perception people have when they think of Le Moyne College

It’s what the college means to the people we serve. It can range from receiving an education in which you discover, encounter and question the world you know and the world you dare to explore to thousands of service hours working within the communities we serve. Our brand starts with what Le Moyne does and why it matters. It’s what makes us distinctive in a person's mind.

As leaders within the college, our job is to influence those perceptions — and strengthen our brand — by presenting consistent, credible and authentic messages about the college, our people and our accomplishments. Building this strong brand for the college as a whole directly benefits our individual colleges, schools, departments and programs.