College Logo


The Le Moyne College logo is a brand mark that represents the College with consistency. Use of the logo must be consistent. The colors for the logo represent the college colors. The colors are PMS 349 green with the tagline in PMS 872 gold. It is also available in all green, all gold, black or white. It should not be used in any other manner, and should be used on all Le Moyne College printed, digital or Website materials. It should not be placed over a busy background or one that doesn't represent the College brand. 

General rules of usage

The approved college logo should be used conspicuously on all college communications, preferably on the front cover of the printed materials, on all pages of websites and opening and closing frames of all video and broadcast spots. The college logo is a registered trademark and cannot be altered in any way. The logo must always be reproduced using an official electronic file. It should not be redrawn or reset in different fonts. The proportions and spacing of the logo must remain constant and file images should not be stretched or distorted.

It is critical that the College logo be used properly and within accepted guidelines. It must always be reproduced with its original proportions and should never be stretched or distorted. Private vendors wishing to use these logos on salable merchandise should go through the Office of Communications to obtain permission and to ensure proper usage.

Download the Le Moyne College logo

Each download .zip file includes a high-resolution .jpg, a low-resolution .jpg for web use, and an .eps vector file for vendor usage.

color options to download:

2-color logo

2-color logo flush

349 green logo

872 gold logo

black logo

white logo

The academic marketplace is highly competitive. In order for Le Moyne College to compete successfully for students, faculty, staff and administrators, we must build a strong identity that distinguishes us from other institutions and projects our stature as a premier Jesuit liberal arts school. Le Moyne College is distinctive and the College logo graphically represents it in a clear and consistent manner. Its use builds brand awareness and brand equity. 


All administrative, academic, research and student service units of Le Moyne College must follow these graphic guidelines. These standards apply to all external and internal communications, including brochures, catalogs, advertising, Websites, email, mobile applications, as well as broadcast and recorded media. They apply to grant proposals, PowerPoint presentations, policy statements, posters, banners, stationery and invitations to name a few examples. Private vendors wishing to use the logo on salable merchandise must contact the Office of Communications for rights and terms of use. 

The Le Moyne College logo should be used on most College material. The seal is reserved for more official College pieces, such as those coming from the Office of the President.

.jpg – use for print if it's high resolution (300 dpi, CMYK) and for web use in low resolution (72 dpi, RGB)

.eps – use for print pieces. This is a vector file, so it will provide the cleanest print quality at any size. This should also be used for any art on gifts, such as glasses, pens, ect.